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How to maintain the CNC router
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    How to maintain the CNC router?
    The maintenance of the CNC router is quick and simple. If performed regularly, you will increase execution, reduce spontaneous downtime, and increase the general lifespan of your machine. In accordance with the maintenance rules specified by the manufacturer, it will further enable you to carry out and perform routine protection and support work on your machine.
    In order to keep the different parts of the CNC router up to date and make it work efficiently, here are five general maintenance guidelines:
    1. Regular cleaning and maintenance: CNC routers are the perfect choice for heavy industrial applications, so they need proper cleaning every day. This helps to avoid any form of chips or liquids that will be absorbed into the control and bearings. According to local power control, the power source must be fully, accurately and safely connected.
    2. Vacuum pump: The vacuum pump and control box have air filters, which need to be replaced regularly. The largest machines require pneumatic air to work. It should be spotless, dry and maintain an unforgiving weight over 6 bar or 80 PSI.
    3. Connector: By turning off the machine, you will reduce the risk of burning the connector. This will keep your machine and its users properly safe from sudden shocks.
    4. Other mechanical parts: pumps, bearings and swing blades need normal and correct lubrication. Normally, lubrication should take a month. Use WD 40 to deep clean the lead screw and ball nut fixture. Damage or wear of cover nuts, clamps and tools will affect the cutting quality. Therefore, check the broken parts in the machine and replace them every 3 to 6 months. Make sure to replace the seat belt every two years.
    5. All three shaft gears: the fourth and fifth shaft gear assemblies must be cleaned and lubricated properly. At the same time, adjust the gap on each axis.

    Where can I buy a CNC router?
    When considering investing in a robust and skilled CNC router, it is best to buy from a reliable source. There are new and second-hand CNC routers on the market. Speaking of geographic area, in Australia, you can choose to buy from the country's famous CNC router Thermawood, while in North America you can buy from the manufacturer. You can purchase any CNC machine tool according to your budget and requirements.
    In addition, if budget is an issue, importing CNC routers from China is also a good choice. This will be a correct decision, because you will get a machine with 1/3 of the price and average build quality. Now, in order to find a trusted source, it is best to keep these points in mind before investing.
    1. The company's whereabouts: know when the company was created through its domain name. In addition, you can also get the complete information of the QR code from the company; scan it to understand the complete company profile.
    2. Check reputation: To buy CNC routers directly from the manufacturer, please check the company's reviews on its social media platforms. Just like Facebook's profile page, Twitter or watch the vlog on YouTube to get accurate details of its products and quality. You can also get from the CNC regional forum. This is a recognized forum, preferably by CNC router users. So, before buying a CNC router, check it first.
    3. Avoid fraudsters: Beware of companies registered in Hong Kong or other websites and call themselves Chinese manufacturers because they copy images from other companies’ machines.
    4. Talk to the engineer: Consult the company's sales engineer to understand the individual and details of the product. You can chat with them live.
    5. Read the testimony: Also, review the company's current and previous customers of recommendation letters.

    Can advertisement cnc router replace woodworking cnc router?
    Cnc router according to its use industry, can be divided into advertising cnc router and woodworking cnc router, in theory, the working principle of these two kinds of cnc router and working state are the same, only advertising cnc router and woodworking cnc router configuration is not the same.General advertising industry product format is not very big, so most use advertising cnc router and light tool cnc router to carve, its working stroke and spindle power relative to woodworking cnc router to small, but high precision, suitable for processing thickness is not too big products.
    And woodworking carving is required to process the thickness of deep, fast processing speed, so relatively speaking, work stroke and spindle power is also large, but the precision of carving mainly depends on the size of the diameter of the tool to determine, may advertising cnc router can not be carved things, woodworking cnc router can also do.Another important factor is how well the paths and drawings are done.It is recommended not to often take advertising cnc router when woodworking cnc router to use, it is easy to cause the damage of cutting tools, or do not reach the depth of engraving, the price of a woodworking cnc router is not very expensive now, you can buy an exchange use.
    Carving a two-tone board is often seemingly simple but actually not easy to do.The general idea of users is to require manufacturers to provide a high-precision platform, some manufacturers simply on the platform to add a thick plexiglass board, with a knife first milling out a plane above.But it still can't solve the problem, because in addition to the platform error, the two-color board itself has errors, the double-sided adhesive tape that fits the two-color board on the platform also has thickness, and other factors, so that the carved signs are still different in depth.The floating cutter head is a sharp tool for carving two-color board, and the small and medium-sized carving machine is standard in foreign countries.As the name implies, the floating cutter head can float up and down within a certain range on the engraving plane.

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