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Does the cheap small CO2 laser cutting machine mean it is cheap and bad
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    Does a cheap, small CO2 laser cutter mean it's cheap and bad?
    "Cheap" seems to be regarded as "truth," and this has been one of the things we've come to agree on for a long time.In general, of course, this is true.For example, the price of small laser cutting machines is getting higher and higher, the equipment parts are better, the price is certainly more expensive, but the price is not absolute.So what are the factors that affect prices?Why isn't the link between high prices and good prices absolute?
    The price of this small laser cutting machine includes the purchase price of equipment parts, workers' wages, enterprise operating expenses, whether to engage in activities, place of origin, brand premium, etc.Any fluctuation in the price will affect the final offer.So whether it's good or not is not absolute.It depends on the situation.
    With the development of the whole industry and the rapid iteration of technology, the price of small laser cutting machine has dropped significantly.If you bought it a few years ago and now, you might be surprised to say, is it so cheap?It is also a further explanation on the schedule that cheap may not have good goods.
    Small laser cutting machine price and performance moderate, suitable for some small and medium-sized enterprises, to meet the daily production and processing needs.When buying a small laser cutter, we need to find a quote from the laser cutter manufacturer, but in reality, we can't just look at whether the price is expensive or absolutely too convenient.We want to see if it can help you create value, meet your production needs, make a comprehensive comparison, as long as the income is higher, it is worth buying.
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    CO2 high precision laser cutting machine
    Non-metallic film materials are widely used in various electronic products in our daily life, such as GDF explosion-proof film, touch screen PET film, flexible OLED for mobile phones, liquid crystal polarizer, e-book reader, etc. These products that change our life cannot be separated from non-metallic film materials, which play an important role.It USES ultrafine laser beam to act on the surface of nonmetallic thin film material to meet the requirements of cutting precision of various electronic products.
    Gantry type dual servo drive structure, high inertia servo motor, maximum acceleration of 1g;
    Strengthen the welding bed, high rigid beam, with high precision marble platform, effectively ensure the high dynamic rigidity of the machine tool system;
    Imported laser and optical devices, good spot quality, stable output power, low maintenance cost;
    The self-developed laser cutting software integrates excellent motion control performance and powerful graphics processing function.
    Unique smoke extraction system with unique design, strong smoking and effective waste isolation.
    Applied materials
    The high-precision laser cutting machine is mainly used for high-precision cutting of GDF film, polarizer, touch screen PET, OCA, electronic paper, flexible OLED, PC, foam double-sided adhesive and other non-metallic film materials.
    High precision laser cutting machine to cut samples
    Range of application
    High precision laser cutting machine is widely used in cutting non-metallic film materials of various electronic products, such as mobile phones, LCD TELEVISIONS, e-book readers, writing boards and so on.
    Technology advantage
    Traditional processing methods are mostly die-cutting, but for small batch, variety, machining precision requirements of high manufacturers, high cost, precision, cutting single.Therefore, the high precision laser cutting machine with its simple operation, automatic operation, fine processing, high processing efficiency, cutting way diversification, cutting deformation and other unique advantages, more and more applied to the processing of various non-metallic film.

    Suitable for low power laser cutting machine industry
    At present, the development speed of laser cutting machine is faster and faster.According to the cutting thickness of materials required by different industries, the power of laser cutting machine equipment from 100 watts to more than 10,000 watts, cutting thick steel plate also increased from the original 1mm to more than 50~60 mm.However, the appearance of high power laser cutting machine does not mean that low power laser cutting opportunities will be completely eliminated by the market.In these industries, low-power laser cutters can be used like fish in water.
    1. Application of small laser cutting machine in advertising industry
    Advertising has always been a laser cutting application of the industry, a few years ago laser cutting machine procurement has reached thousands of units.With the development of the industry, the demand for metal materials in the advertising industry is increasing year by year, and the output of advertising billboards is also increasing.However, the thickness of advertising billboards is generally low, and only the use of low-power laser cutting machine can meet the cutting needs of enterprises.In the advertising material processing, the small power laser cutting machine is a very popular cutting equipment.
    2. Low-power laser cutting machines in the furniture industry
    Every family needs furniture products.In furniture manufacturing, laser cutting machine plays an important role.In the future in the field of furniture manufacturing, laser cutting machine will completely replace the traditional cutting technology.Reducing the manufacturing cost of the furniture industry to a lower level can increase the purchase rate of products.It is necessary to introduce a cheaper laser cutting machine.Therefore, low power laser cutting machine is often used in the furniture industry.
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