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What do we need to pay attention to for expensive laser cutting machines
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    Before we have a mixed laser cutting machine, we may spend a long time, we need to understand the machine, to select the machine. Choosing a machine is a very complicated matter. We need to spend time to understand the manufacturer and see if the quality and after-sales guarantee of his machine meet our own standards. Finally, we placed an order, but the matter was not over.
    After a long wait, we finally waited for our laser cutting machine. Some people were very happy, while others were sad. How to use and maintain such an expensive machine?
    Today ACCTEK is here to tell you about the matters needing attention and maintenance issues when using a mixed-cut laser cutting machine.

    First of all, for us, the most important thing is the security issue. This must be seen and must not be ignored!
    Keep the following safety precautions in mind when using this device:
    1.This laser engraving system contains a carbon dioxide (CO2) laser that emits dense and invisible laser radiation. Direct radiation or even diffuse radiation is dangerous if there are no safety precautions!
    2. If there are no safety precautions, exposure to laser radiation has the following risks:
    Eyes: Burning the cornea; Skin: Burns; Clothing: Risk of fire.
    2.Do not attempt to modify or disassemble the laser or attempt to modify or disassemble other components.
    4. Use or adjustment operations may result in dangerous radiation exposure. If necessary, please contact a professional technician for assistance.
    5.The carbon dioxide fire extinguisher should be placed close to the laser.
    6. Do not store any flammable materials inside the device. Waste from production should be removed in time to avoid fire.
    7. Please keep the gas around the device in circulation.
    8. These lasers emit invisible radiation. Safety glasses should be worn during maintenance.
    9. Do not disable the limit switch or safety function.
    10. When working with the laser, do not leave it unattended, otherwise it may ignite small debris and be left unattended.
    11. Before processing materials, the user must verify that hazardous materials are available and that the gases produced are hazardous.

    Second, the laser cutting machine is a large-scale machine with complex structure and numerous parts. We also need to know some precautions during installation and use. Let's take a look together.
    1、Adjust the ground feet of the engraving machine , keep the machine firm and no rock. Examine whether the laser tube has been broken, and whether each part is loose or not.
    2、Install the exhaust fan system, connect the vent-pipe on the exhaust fan behind the machine, another end is installed outside, the max interval between the exhaust fan and place with a draught outside is 2 meter. Limited by local environment, should dispose the exhaust fan system in addition if extending the vent-pipe more.
    3、put to earth firmly(there is the earthed position in the rear of the machine). 
    4、Check AC 220V supply line whether the voltage is normal. Must use special power supply line and the regulated power supply when it's necessary. (The power is 2KW) 
    5、The cooling system this machine adopts is to supply water circularly by the submersible pump outside the machine. The user need prepare the bucket with cover by oneself. The altitude difference between the machine and the submersible pump should not be more than 0.6 meter. The circulatory water for cooling has been clear and pure, and has no dust.
    6、The temperature of the circulatory water for cooling should be lower than 35℃, otherwise influence the depth of engraving. Should guarantee that there is no frozen phenomenon of stopping up in the laser tube, especially for the extremely cold areas, otherwise the laser tube will explode to crack. Had better let off water from the circulating water road and the laser tube completely in order to prevent result in crack. 
    7、If discover the laser tube appears the phenomenon of water shortage, should shut down immediately and stop work, cut off the submersible pump power. And shut down more than half an hour at least, after waiting for the laser tube nature cooling, can supply water and begin to work, if supply water immediately, the laser tube will crack by explosion. 
    8 、Connect the submersible pump, cooling water should circulate normally, the cooling water road should not be stopped up and dribble. 
    9、Install the control board and software into your computer according to 《software operating manual》, and link the communication cable well. 
    10、Connect air pump with intake, it is normal to let off air current under the laser head
laser machine

    Third, since it is a machine, it is inevitable that some malfunctions will occur. Here, ACCTEK will tell you how to solve some common problems.
    1. The device cannot produce laser light:
    Check that the optical path is correct, and the deviation of the optical path may cause the laser generate d by the laser tube to fail to correctly cut the material through the laser head;
    Checking the focal length is correct. If the focal length error is too large, the laser intensity on the surface of the material may be too low, so that the effect of laser cutting cannot be caused by mistakes. The laser is not generated, and the focal length should be adjusted to retest.
    Check the laser power supply or circuit for damage. If the laser cannot be detected at the first lens, it may be that the circuit or the electrical device is damaged and the laser tube cannot produce laser light.
    Check if the laser tube is damaged. If the laser tube is damaged, there may be a phenomenon that the laser intensity is weak, no light is emitted, and the light is not normal. At this time, the laser tube needs to be replaced.
    Check whether the file is imported correctly. If the circuit and the electrical device are normal, there may be a problem with the processing file. In this case, the processing file should be replaced to check whether the laser can be generated normally.
    Check whether the parameter settings are correct. If a single file cannot be processed normally, check whether the parameter settings in the software are correct. The wrong parameter settings may cause the file to be processed normally.
    2. The material being cut has an inclination
    In this case, the cutting path is usually skewed by the optical path and the material is not perpendicular, so that the edge of the cut material has an inclination. The optical path should be re-examined and adjusted so that the laser is perpendicular to the surface of the material through the laser head.Check whether the table is level. When the table is not horizontal, the light path will not be perpendicular to the material. At this time, the table should be re-adjusted to the horizontal state.
    3. The processing effect is not ideal
    If the material cannot be cut through or the engraving effect is not ideal, it is necessary to adjust the parameters such as power and speed to achieve the desired processing effect. This process may require multiple attempts.
    4. Laser power is too low
    Check if the software parameter setting is too low; check the optical path for contaminants or obstructions; check the laser tube for damage.
    5.The depth of the carving is not same or not deep
    Check if the water circulation system is flowing smoothly
    Check if the focal length and optical path are normal
    Check if the beams are parallel
    Check the lens and laser emitting end for contamination

    Fourth, maintenance is an inconspicuous but not negligible link. Proper maintenance will increase the service life of the machine.
    Devices care
    Cleaning the Laser Machine
    1. Caution – use of controls or adjustments or performance of procedures other than those specified here in may result in hazardous laser radiation exposure.
    2. Before starting cleaning and maintenance work always switch off the device and unplug the mains plug.
    3. Always keep the system clean, as flammable parts in the working area or exhaust area rise the fire hazard.
    Tips: You should check at least once a day, whether dust has accumulated in the engraving system. In case of soiling the machine must be cleaned. The cleaning interval strongly depends on the material that is being processed and the operating time of the device. Please bear in mind that only a clean machine guarantees optimal performance and reduces the service costs.
    General Cleaning Notes:
    1. Make sure, that the device is switched off and unplugged. Open the protective cover.
    2. Move the working table into a position in which it is easiest for you to clean the surface with a window cleaning agent and paper towels.
    3. Thoroughly remove all loose dirt particles and deposits in the interior of the machine.
    4. Clean the cover of the laser tube.
    5. You can clean the viewing window with a cotton cloth. Do not use paper towels as they could scratch the acrylic.
laser machine

Seeing this, everyone may find it very troublesome. When using a machine, you must pay attention to safety matters, solve common problems, and maintain it every day. In fact, as long as we are familiar with the machine, we will naturally become proficient with this knowledge.
The laser cutting machine has greatly helped our lives. Many people will work next to the machine all day. The quality of the machine is very important. The ACCTEK laser cutting machine has received a lot of praise from customers. If you need to buy a laser cutting machine, This will be your best choice.
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