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Disassembly and installation of CNC engraving machine
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    Recently, a customer told us his troubles. When he got the engraving machine he bought online, he found that the engraving machine was too large to pass through the door of the house and could not be transported to the house.
    This is actually a relatively common phenomenon for customers, because most of the engraving machines purchased by customers are 1325, 1530, 2030 and other models, and many customers have customized larger engraving machines.
    Seeing this, friends who might buy an engraving machine for the first time may not understand the meaning of the 1325, 1530, and 2030 models. In fact, they refer to the working area of ​​the engraving machine, 1325 represents the working area of ​​the engraving machine is 1.3 meters wide and 2.5 meters long, 1530 represents the working area of ​​the engraving machine is 1.5 meters wide and three meters long, and 2030 represents the working area of ​​the engraving machine is two meters wide. , Three meters long.
    Now everyone should understand why the engraving machine cannot enter the house. How to solve this problem, the answer is very simple, let us continue to look down.
    In the past, we would send the solution process to the customer, but there are actually some minor problems, for example, the customer cannot see the solution three-dimensionally through the text.
    In order to solve this problem, the company has established a new column! This is a brand new attempt. We are trying to make a series of popular science videos. The video content mainly includes some machine problems and solutions that you usually encounter, as well as some professional engraving machine knowledge popular science videos.
    In order to make the video more perfect, we invited the company’s most popular customer Barry, Barry is a professional after-sales staff, he has been solving the problems they encountered for customers, has a wealth of work experience, customers The evaluation is very good.
    Our first video is about the disassembly and installation of the engraving machine, which is also a problem that many people care about. After we learn how to operate, we no longer have to worry about the engraving machine not being shipped home.   
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    To facilitate viewing, I put the subtitles of the video below.
    Hi Barry, why are you still working overtime? Is it because the customer has a difficult problem to solve?
    Barry: Just now a customer asked me how to disassemble the machine, because our machine is too Big for their workshop too move in.
    So,here I will share you steps about how to disassemble and install our machine.
    1.Remove the protective cover on Y axis.
    2.Remove the emergency stop buttons.
    3.Remove motor screws and wires.
    4.Remove the drag chain.
    5.Remove the slider.
    6.Remove the gantry.
    Barry: That’s all steps about how the machine is disassembled and installed hope it will be helpful for you

    After watching the video, do you think it’s very simple? You can easily solve this problem in the future.
    At present, our new column is in the early stage of creation. If you can leave valuable comments or some problems encountered during the operation of the engraving machine, we would be very grateful. This is very important to us.
    The company has always been adhering to serving customers. Concept, we attach great importance to the opinions of customers, and we have been working hard to provide customers with better machines and services. If you are choosing machines, ACCTEK will be your best choice.
    Welcome everyone to our official website to leave a message, thank you again!
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