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Century contrast between CO2 and fiber laser cutting machine
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    Science and technology change with each passing day. Therefore, it is very important for industrialists to improve themselves with advanced science and technology.Not using the latest technology in the marketplace can cause you to fall into free fall.Maybe that's why it's a bit of a stretch for everyone to upgrade to a CNC cutter.By the way, don't you think your company should have the latest cutting machine when other people are using it?Think about it.
    In addition, in CNC machine tools, a machine is becoming more and more popular, that is the fiber laser cutting machine.These machines are taking over the market faster than any other machine!That's why they are called pioneers in this industry.In addition, the growth of the CAGR for laser cutting machines is expected to be the same in the next few years.In addition, advances in laser technology have led to the widespread use of lasers.
    Due to the great demand for laser equipment in different industries such as medical equipment, entertainment electronics and photovoltaic, the laser technology is also widely applied in the wind energy industry, which ensures the offshore wind energy.Easy automation, minimal deformation, and versatile cutting materials make this machine one of the height requirements of the machine.
    With the rapid development of laser cutting machines and the increasing demand, laser cutting machines have emerged two ways to dominate the market.While there are many models and methods on the market to choose from, none can match the demand for carbon dioxide laser cutting machines.Optical fiber laser cutting machine, also known as optical fiber laser cutting machine.
    Have you ever wondered why there is so much demand for these methods?In fact, both processes are used to improve accuracy and versatility.It is reported that laser welders have great influence on technology and application.It facilitates automatic cutting and welding processes, thereby increasing product yield.The versatility of the machine helps manufacturers cut different forms of material and develop products and components with different geometries.
    Laser cutting utilizes CO2, solid and fiber lasers to efficiently cut materials.This high-tech machine has the ability to cut everything from steel to plastic in an absolutely perfect way.Laser cutting machines have gone through different stages of improvement in the quality and thickness of cutting materials.Over the past few years, laser equipment has improved in the quality and thickness of cutting materials.The traditional cutting machine is being replaced by the latest laser cutting machine.The machine's high beam quality system operates automatically, benefiting both commercial and industrial sectors.
    In this blog, we will discuss the different pieces of the laser cutter, depending on the type of laser.We will discuss two types of lasers, one is a CO2 laser and the other is a fiber laser.
co2 laser machine

    What is the difference between CO2 and fiber laser?
    (1)CO2 laser cutting
    A machine that focuses a high-intensity infrared laser beam through a series of mirrors through a nozzle is called a CO2 laser cutter.The first type of CARBON dioxide laser cutter was proposed 50 years ago or more.Despite this, CO2 laser cutter is still the center of laser cutting industry.
    When the fineness and acute Angle of the cutting machine, the CO2 cutting machine is best.Typically, this cutter USES two shafts and a removable table, which helps create a cut.In addition, for less than?Inch of material, it's processed very quickly.High-performance machines such as these, however, work much faster and more efficiently on metal materials.In addition, with the progress of technology and more attention to quality control, CO2 laser cutting machine can do better cutting of non-metallic materials, compared with the traditional cutting machine, has a higher quality advantage than the final product with thick surface.
    Having said that, the question arises: what is the first investment an industrialist should make to merge a company with a CO2 laser cutter?
    The answer is that a CARBON dioxide laser cutter in China might cost about $3,000 to $30,000.The change in price can be seen because of the optical mirrors and different consumables that are necessary for the smooth operation of the machine.In addition, operating costs can also be around $20 per hour, which is a nominal cost taking into account the shape and structure of the machine.
    (2) Optical fiber laser cutting
    There is a saying that change is the only constant in the world, and while things linger on technology, it makes sense for industrialists to upgrade their machines with the latest technology in the market.Perhaps this is why many industrialists have turned their attention to fiber-optic laser cutting machines.
    Optical fiber laser cutting is a new technology, and the popularity of optical fiber laser cutting machine has been greatly improved.In addition, demand has increased because of its superior quality in cutting materials compared with other cutting machines.In fact, sales of optical fiber laser cutting machines now exceed those of machines that use carbon dioxide as a cutting material.
    When comparing a fiber laser cutter with a CO2 cutter, it can be seen that fiber cutting USES a set of diodes and then focuses on the material through the fiber cable, while THE CO2 cutter simply USES a focused, high-intensity laser beam to cut the material.In addition, compared with CO2 cutting machine, fiber laser cutting machine has a faster cutting speed;This speed helps operators to handle high quality and fine cutting.
    Like other machines, though, this one has one drawback.The high speed machining of optical fiber laser cutting machine can reduce more complex and complicated work.In addition, it requires a detailed and fairly specific suite of safety measures and operations to prevent long-term eye damage.  
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