How to install vacuum pump
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    What kind of feeling is it that a CNC engraving machine cannot be used when it is placed in front of it?
    Recently, our customer encountered such a problem. He would not install a vacuum pump, which caused the machine to fail to run. Under the guidance of our professional after-sales staff Barry, he finally successfully installed the vacuum pump.
    Do you think this is just an example? the answer is negative. Barry told us that many customers have asked him about the installation of vacuum pumps.
    The vacuum pump occupies a very important position in the engraving machine, it helps the engraving machine to firmly adsorb the material on the table. When we use a woodworking engraving machine, if we are not using a vacuum pump, but a fixture, then the material is likely to shift during the engraving process, resulting in engraving errors. So the vacuum pump is very important.
    So we made the second instructional video, Barry tells everyone how to install the vacuum pump. Let's take a look together.
vacuum pump

In order to facilitate viewing, I put the subtitles below.

Recently, many customers have asked me some questions about the use of accessories. In fact, these accessories are all introduced in our product manual.
To make it easier and faster for you to learn how to use accessories, today I'll go to the factory made video for you.
Operation procedure of vacuum pump
1. Connect the filter and stainless steel muffler.
2. Connect the pipe from the machine to the vacuum pump
3. Connect the circuit and test the rotation direction of vacuum pump. Rotate clockwise is the correct rotation direction. If the direction is wrong, adjust the positions of any two wiring
4. Block the adsorption port in the unused area
5. Use sealing strips to close the adsorption ares according to the size of the material.
6. Turn on the adsorption area switch
Barry: The above is the installation and use steps of the vacuum pump,I hope this video can help you with our machine using

After watching the video, do you think it is very simple? Friends who need to install a vacuum pump don't have to worry anymore!
We welcome everyone to leave us a message, come and leave your thoughts and suggestions on our official website, thank you very much!
vacuum pump

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