How to install dust collector
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    The emergence of engraving machines has greatly facilitated our lives and greatly improved the work efficiency of woodworking and other industries.
    But when we use the engraving machine, some problems may also occur.
    For example, when we cut materials, especially when cutting materials such as density board and acrylic, a lot of dust is often generated, and these dust particles are small. If it is directly sucked into the body, it may cause harm to the body. And dust is very unfriendly to our environment, so it is very necessary to have a dust collector.
    The engraving machine dust collector sucks in dust, the large particles of dust fall into the ash hopper after separation, and the rest of the dust enters the next area and evenly passes through the filter area. In the filter area, the dust is adsorbed on the filter bag, and then the clean gas is discharged.
    Generally speaking, the cloth bag of the dust collector can be removed and washed for multiple times, and the power consumption of the machine is also very low, which is very convenient.
    However, after a lot of people buy a dust collector, they just open the courier and are blinded. How to assemble so many parts?
    Dust collector are generally relatively large, so it will take longer to assemble, but the types of parts are simple and it is not difficult to assemble.
    Our third video is about how to install the dust collector and how to set the parameters of the oil pot. Let's take a look.
dust collector

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Barry: Hello everyone, this time i will show you how to set parameters for our oil pot and how to install our dust collector.
Usage of oil pot
1.Pour lubricating oil into the oil pot.And the oil filling height exceeds the white mark.
2.Long press the“down”button to set the oil filling time.
3.After the oil filling time is changed, it will automatically switch to the oil filling interval setting and then the time interval can be changed.
Dust collector installation steps
1. Install the bottom pulley
2. Fix the vacuum cleaner motor
3. Connect the top bracket
4. Install bags
Barry: So this video have share you how to set parameters for our oil pot and how to install our dust collector.
If you still have questions about how to use them, just feel free to contact us, thank you.

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dust collector

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