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What should we pay attention to when we use engraving machine
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    CNC engraving tail seat maintenance
    The invention and application of CNC engraving machine make great contribution to our work, which not only improves work efficiency, but also improves work quality.In addition to the application of CNC engraving machine, people should also pay attention to the maintenance of each component.Only under proper maintenance conditions, can CNC engraving machine be used more effectively and the service life of CNC engraving machine be improved.
    When nc engraving machine lathe tool rest precision is not high, people need to adjust it immediately.First, measure the error using a dial indicator, then release the pressure slightly by fixing the tailstock handle, and then release the pressure by tightening the screws on the base.CNC lathe tool rest has adjustment screws that can be adjusted to achieve the limit and precision you want.After adjustment, tighten the screw to release pressure again.It has been adjusted.
    In addition to the immediate accuracy of adjustment, people in the application, but also remember to timely CNC engraving locomotive do ornament work.After a certain period of time, check the limit switch block iron on the specification of the lathe tool holder sleeve for moving parts.For sealing parts, please check and replace timely to prevent problems.The key to accuracy is the screw and nut of the tailstock.These aspects should be checked in time.If there is any damage, remove and replace immediately.In order to ensure that there is no problem in the work, it is also necessary to timely check the CNC engraving locomotive tool rest hydraulic fuel pipe pressure control valve.The specification requirement of CNC engraving locomotive bed tool rest sleeve is easy to be damaged, which has also aroused people's concern.
    In the work, pay attention to whether the hydraulic cylinder of the CNC lathe turret is stable when moving, pay attention to the application of hydraulic cylinder working pressure should be controlled within the approved scope, can not be arbitrarily modified and upgraded.Check that the lathe tool holder is fastened before starting the spindle bearing.The slide rail lathe tool stand must be kept clean and wet.
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    Woodworking CNC engraving machine should pay attention to the use of matters
    When you see a lot of art, you will be surprised by its excellent shape design and exquisite processing technology, but here woodworking CNC engraving machine also has a lot of contributions.However, to give full play to its characteristics, we must grasp the performance indicators, principles and common problems.What are the common problems in the practical application of woodworking CNC engraving machine?
    1, return to zero
    People should pay attention to the end of CNC engraving machine application, that is, XYZ axis work all coordinates are set to zero, which is more conducive to the next work, if it is still the original work attitude, it will damage the work quality and efficiency after the start of full play, so people should be cautious about this.
    2. Adjust the speed ratio between CNC engraving machine and servo motor
    Woodworking CNC engraving machine has a certain carving speed, especially in the servo motor speed ratio is accurate and effective, otherwise the speed is too slow, does not meet the product quality standards, if the speed is too fast, it will lead to the end to end situation, endanger the use of mechanical equipment.
    3, must master the first carving knife.
    The first knife of manual engraving of a woodworking CNC engraving machine is the key.Once you have mastered the actual effect of manual carving, it will be more prominent, and the work will be more smooth in the future.However, if the reverse first cut is not satisfactory, people will encounter a lot of problems behind it, so the first cut is not very good, nor very fast, so we should gradually adjust to find the best speed ratio, keep all the normal CNC engraving machine state.
    In addition, in the woodworking CNC engraving machine application of the whole process, should also pay attention to the automatic tool setting conditions, CNC engraving machine aluminum alloy cabinet opposite the insulation layer.For a long time, in order to ensure the coordination ability of the rotating system software, a high oil speed must be given every week, and then to ensure that the operators wear the required work clothes, a certain protective mask and nearsighted glasses, to ensure the safety factor.

    A few small problems of CNC stone engraving machine will bring a lot of trouble to our production and processing.
    At present, many CNC engraving machine spindle are water - cooled.When the temperature is too low, the main shaft and circulating water pipe are easy to freeze and the main shaft is easy to be damaged.At present, CNC engraving machine mostly adopts inverter to drive servo AC motor.The motor has low power and no induction vector converter.This system has compact structure and low cost, and is mainly used in nc engraving machine system with spindle power less than 3.7KW.
    The copper loss and iron loss of CNC engraving machine will be reflected in the thermal environment, which will affect the working efficiency of the motor.Stepper motor generally pursues positioning accuracy and torque input.Woodworking CNC engraving machine can carve a pair of exquisite engravings on the board in 10 minutes.Imagine our STONE CNC engraving machine in such efficient operation, the spindle will have great wear and tear and deviation.Once the stone knife CNC engraving machine deviation, is not to say that such a high-precision operation like engraving, that is, ordinary engraving will have a large and serious precision loss.
    Therefore, in our actual production process, we can touch our hands for more than 1-2 seconds, not more than 60 degrees;We can only touch our hands, about 70-80 degrees;A few drops of water evaporate immediately and then exceed 90 degrees, which increases the loss of copper and the loss of iron.In this case, we can choose antifreeze over water.If the conditions allow, the purchase of CNC engraving machine and the choice of water-cooled spindle, rather than choose air-cooled spindle.In general, it is necessary to clean and oil the guide rail of stone carving machine, and check whether the line is aging or broken, in order to avoid leakage.
    In some heavy stone processing, heavy stone CNC engraving machine is different from the general light stone CNC engraving machine, not only because its bearing capacity is stronger than light machine, but also because it adopts the rack drive method to carve high efficiency.In this case, the effectiveness of our stone CNC engraving machine servo motor heating generally exists, and the condition is lower than the general, servo motor should be serious.We should pay attention not to ignore these small problems in production, otherwise it will bring great trouble to your production.
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