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What is the development trend of numerical control laser
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    Numerical control laser cutting development trend
    In the future, the laser cutting technology will be more diversified in the selection of generators, the power supply types of generators will be more diversified, the energy output will be more stable, and the structure will have certain characteristics.The use cost of laser cutting machine will be greatly reduced.The harm to human body will also be greatly reduced.
    Numerical control laser cutting technology has been applied more and more widely.The technology of 3d cutting, autofocus, constant optical path and so on will be gradually mature, and the operation of cutting large thickness plate with airborne laser will be improved gradually.
    1. Connotation analysis of NUMERICAL control laser cutting technology.
    In general, the working principle of laser cutting is to use a mirror to process the laser beam and the material to be cut.The laser emits a laser beam at a specific position in the mirror.After being reframed, the laser beam is focused and focused through a special lens.
    In the laser cutting process, auxiliary gas is ejected from the nozzle and a laser focused beam is added to form a tool with strong energy. The power of laser cutting is affected by the velocity of the nozzle.It is necessary to refer to the motion track of the machine tool platform to realize the cutting process of the material to be cut.In addition to cutting this kind of high hardness material, different laser technology can also complete 3D cutting, leather wood paper cutting, glass ceramic cutting laser direct writing technology can also complete medical treatment.Business activities.
    In the control of laser cutting quality system, technicians should adjust the positions of different focusing lenses reasonably and use multi-axis motion control card to control the track of filter and CCD beam.In CNC laser control activities, technicians should adjust the positioning speed of laser beam movement (Y-axis) according to the numerical control system can withstand the parameters of machining plate size.The maximum machining speed is determined according to the effective cutting length.In the direction processing of laser beam, the positioning accuracy of cutting is wrong.
    2. Development trend of CNC laser cutting technology.
    Laser cutting technology has been widely used.This is a sophisticated technique in production.CNC machine tools have many different modes and properties.Different types of laser have different working modes, and the difference of laser power and beam polarization determines the different mode stability of laser in cutting process.
    The new laser processing technology mainly includes laser 3d etching, laser microfabrication, laser -SPM composite machining and excimer mask etching.In the field of industrial processing and production, numerical control laser technology is attached great importance. Technical research and development personnel should carefully analyze the characteristics and application status of numerical control laser cutting technology, and optimize the application mode of numerical control cutting technology, numerical control laser cutting technology will develop in the direction of high speed and multiple degrees of freedom.In recent years, due to the obvious growth trend of the high-power CNC laser cutting machine market, the total demand for laser cutting machine in the field of industrial manufacturing continues to rise.
    In order to meet the development of market demand, in the production and manufacture of CNC laser machine tools, there will be high speed and high precision laser cutting machine, 3d laser cutting machine, large thick plate laser cutting machine and other special laser cutting equipment.The cutting ability of laser cutting machine is gradually improved, and the adaptability and freedom of cutting technology will continue to improve.
    Horizontal laser cutting machine adopts gantry moving optical path processing technology to complete plasma cloud detection and other operations during cutting.The new 25D 3D laser cutting machine with dual laser cutting system can meet the requirement of high speed cutting in industrial manufacturing field and meet the need of machining difficult parts.The use of optical fiber laser cutting machine equipment can also cut high hardness materials, cut the surface of the wound clean, is conducive to the later painting processing operation.   
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    3. Application analysis of NUMERICAL control laser cutting technology.
    Analysis on the general standard of NUMERICAL control laser cutting technology.
    At present, the general laser cutting machine industry parameters standards are mainly German laser cutting machine.The development trend of NUMERICAL control laser cutting technology is the direction of the least energy consumption, the type of working gas available for laser processing has more adaptability.At present, two laser cutting machines commonly used in the field of CNC laser technology are slab D025 laser (2500W) and axial fast-flow laser (3000W).These two laser cutting technologies represent the mainstream development content of current industrial production field.
    The structure principle of slab D025 laser is plate discharge, diffusion cooling, no fixed gas flow device, no gas flow, no gas power device.The laser beam characteristic is TEM00 mode, the beam divergence Angle is 0.15 MRAD, the laser output window lens life is about 40,000 hours, the pulse frequency is 5000HZ, and it is only the gate pulse function.Slab D025 laser cutting machine has a variety of working gases, mainly carbon monoxide, helium nitrogen, carbon dioxide, etc. The cutting machine can also use German special mixed gases, the total amount of carbon monoxide of mixed gases is 6%, the other is 94%.
    The laser cutting machine has the lowest gas consumption, which is only 0.2l /h at present. Another mainstream laser cutting machine is the axial fast current cutting machine, whose structure principle is the motion characteristic of fast axis electric discharge.The laser cutter has a high air consumption up to 35L/ m2, but its cutting efficiency is the highest. The pulse frequency of the axial fast flow CNC laser cutter is adjustable.It has multiple functions of hyperpulse and hyperpulse, and the output power is 2.5 times of the rated power.(that 3000W laser can output 7500W power), its perforation and cutting ability is strong.
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