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What are the advantages of the laser cutting machine in the filing cabinet?
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The use of file cabinets is more common in daily life. Most of the file cabinets are made of cold-rolled steel plates and processed by various equipment. Which has to go through a series of processing procedures such as cutting, stamping, folding, spot welding, pickling and phosphating, spraying, and assembly.
  With its advantages of high cutting accuracy, fast speed, and narrow slit, the laser cutting machine has successfully replaced the shearing machine as the main equipment for cutting. The laser cutting machine can be widely used in file cabinets.

1. The product is more malleable

  Under normal circumstances, file cabinets are more popular products, and the product size specifications are more common. Select a fixed punch in mass production to meet the production.
  However, when some customers need some products with individual shapes and special sizes, they need to redesign the size and open the mold for processing. In this way, the product production cycle will be extended.
  The laser cutting machine can solve this problem with the advantage of flexible processing. The laser cutting machine can not only process conventional products, but also directly produce products with special specifications only by re-layout and drawing. The plasticity of the company's products has been greatly enhanced, the scope of product production has become wider, the number of customers has naturally increased, and the corresponding market competitiveness has gradually improved.

2. Higher work efficiency

   In daily production operations, it is often mainly dependent on the cooperation of workers' manual work and small machinery. The operating speed in this mode is often relatively average and cannot occupy a certain advantage in the market.
  There is a saying that “workers must sharpen their tools if they want to do their jobs well”, and the use of laser cutting machines eliminates the steps of cutting boards and corners when making products such as filing cabinets, greatly improving product accuracy and work efficiency. 
    The laser cutting machine produced by our company has the advantages of smooth surface without burrs, high speed and high precision, so there is very little part deformation of the workpiece.
In the metal processing industry with different shapes, thicknesses and materials, it is a new leap to have such an advanced, high-tech, and high-quality laser cutting machine in the processing of file cabinets.
   If you need to buy a suitable laser cutting machine, you can learn about the product's performance and price online; if you want to learn about the machines on site, you can also contact us, and you are welcome to visit the company.

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