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The maintenance of the oscillating knife cutter cnc machine
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You know, any cnc machine should be maintained in the our daily life. But many customers don’t know how should they do. Today, ACCTEK will introduce how to maintain the oscillation knife cutting machine to make the cnc oscillation knife cutter machine work better for our.
1. when the oscillating knife cutting machine works and appears abnormal sound, the cnc oscillating knife gasket cutting machine should be stopped immediately, find out the cause. If necessary, telling the relevant personnel report to overhaul.
2. add grease to spindle bearings regularly. The lubrication method of the machine tool and the choice of lubricating grease are based on the structure of the machine, the degree of automation, the working conditions of the machine tool and The precision requirements are determined by comprehensive measurement, and the machine tool lubrication should strive to avoid temperature rise and vibration while satisfying the reduction of wear and consumption. As a complex and sophisticated machine, the machine tool uses a variety of transmissions, depending on the type of equipment, the working environment and the required precision requirements, the viscosity, oil resistance, extreme pressure resistance and other related properties of the lubricant. There are different requirements. There are mainly the following aspects:
(1) The vertical and horizontal guide rails of the workbench should be lubricated with grease every week.
(2) The slide rails should be moved into the industrial rails for lubrication every month.
(3) The screw nut of the inclination cutting device should be lubricated with grease every month.
3. regularly check the belt, power button and grinding wheel of vibration knife cutting machine whether there are cracks, etc..
4. check the power button if flexible regularly.
5. check the cutting tools if wear and tear, and whether there are cracks regularly.
6. when the overhaul, you should turn off the power supply first, then judgment of the fault place preliminary.
7. if the spindle bearings of the oscillating knife gasket cutting machine worn seriously, it should be replaced in good time.
8. After use, do a good job to cleaning the oscillating knife cutting machine.
The above content is the relevant knowledge of oscillating knife cutter maintenance that ACCTEK has compiled for you. If you need to buy a suitable cnc machines, you can learn about the product's performance and price online; if you want to know the machine on the spot in the factory, you can also contact us, and you are welcome to visit the company.

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