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Laser cutting machine makes sheet metal processing easier
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    Laser cutting machine makes sheet metal processing easier!
    Now some companies, when producing related products, because they need to use fixed-size workpieces, so they need laser processing, so now laser cutting machines have been more widely used. And in many enterprises, fiber laser cutting machine equipment has also appeared, making people's cutting easier. This is because such cutting machine equipment still has many advantages.
    In terms of cutting methods, laser cutting is mainly used, so it is better in terms of cutting speed and cutting surface, so it can cut faster and ensure that the current cutting surface is smooth.
    Cutting machines are indeed widely used in traditional industrial production and life, but with the advancement of industrialization, traditional cutting machines have been eliminated and the application of various smart devices has begun. When the fiber laser cutting machine is cutting, the cutting accuracy can reach ±0.05mm, and the repeat positioning accuracy can be less than 0.03mm. This means that the cutting accuracy can reach a higher standard, which can make the cutting surface more beautiful and focus. A higher power density is achieved, thereby naturally avoiding the waste of materials, and the cutting machine is relatively small, thus improving the appearance and making the use effect better.
    The use of fiber laser cutting machine can not only save materials and improve work efficiency, but also ensure that the workpiece is processed to avoid damage to the workpiece. The laser cutting head has high precision and high cutting speed. When it is connected to the surface of the workpiece, it can ensure that the workpiece is not scratched, improve the entire processing experience, maximize the use of materials, and make the product more effective.
    The fiber laser cutting machine has less processing waste, high processing accuracy, and high work efficiency. It can achieve clean and pollution-free use effects and ensure no pollution. It is widely used in our daily work and life and greatly improves our working environment. The processing cost can also be controlled.
    The laser cutting machine adopts the gantry structure, double-sided gear rack synchronous transmission, the beam adopts high-strength cast aluminum alloy, and is equipped with a patented horizontal compensation mechanism. The structure is disordered, the rigidity is good, and the dynamic response is high.
    Higher cutting speed, especially for plates. The laser cutting machine has no cutting force, processing distortion, tool wear, and good data compliance; whether it is simple or complex parts, it can be cut by laser precision and rapid prototyping at one time, with narrow cutting welds, good cutting quality, and high level of automation , Simple operation, low labor intensity, no pollution, can complete cutting and automatic nesting, nesting, improve data utilization, reduce costs, and have good economic benefits.
    Not only that, now this kind of equipment can really solve the cutting problem of some workpieces. Because some cutting machinery and equipment, for some metal workpieces, there is no way to cut, but such equipment can cut metal workpieces and can solve the cutting problem.
    The current fiber laser cutting machine equipment can make cutting easier. For some enterprises in need, such equipment can also be used to solve the cutting problem. Now, some companies no longer need to worry about the problem of workpiece cutting, they can use such equipment to complete related cutting work, and become a cutting equipment worthy of corporate attention.
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    Daily maintenance skills of laser cutting machine
    We need to pay attention to the maintenance of the laser cutting machine to extend its service life.
    Daily maintenance skills of laser cutting equipment:
    1. Make sure that the laser tube is filled with circulating water before the machine works. The quality and temperature of the circulating water will directly affect the service life of the laser tube. Therefore, the circulating water must be replaced regularly and the water tank must be cleaned regularly. It is best to do it once a week.
    2. There will be some mirrors and focal length lenses on the machine. The laser is reflected and focused through these lenses, and then emitted from the laser hair. The lens is easily contaminated with dust or other contaminants, causing laser loss or lens damage. So wash your lenses every day.
    3. Since the dust of the laser cutting machine is mainly metal powder, it is recommended to clean the dust in the electrical cabinet of the laser cutting machine and regularly check the working condition of the cooling fan.
    Regular maintenance of the equipment can avoid some problems in the use of the laser cutting machine, increase the service life of some parts and equipment performance, and improve the efficiency of the equipment. Therefore, the laser cutting machine should be routinely maintained.
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