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How to prolong the service life of laser machine
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    Laser machine is also a laser marking machine.In the use and maintenance, we need to master the method and careful maintenance to make the machine more stable and play its role.Principle and application of computer engraving machine
    1. Laser cutting machine is well grounded
    The laser power supply and the machine must have good grounding protection. The grounding wire should be less than 4Q special grounding wire.The necessity of grounding is:
    (1) To ensure the normal operation of the laser power supply,
    (2) Can extend the life of the laser tube,
    (3) It can prevent external machines from causing machine tool jumping.
    (4) Avoid circuit damage caused by high voltage discharge accident.
    2. Cooling water of laser engraving machine should be smooth
    Whether using tap water or circulating pumps, water must be kept flowing.The cooling water is taken out of the heat generated by the laser tube.The higher the water temperature is, the lower the optical output power is (15-20℃ water temperature is better). When the water is damaged, the tube end will burst due to the heat accumulated in the laser cavity, and even the laser will be damaged.The power supply.Therefore, it is necessary to check whether the cooling water is unblocked at any time.When the water pipe has hard bend (dead bend) or fall, pump failure, must be timely repair, so as not to cause power loss or even equipment damage.
    3, clean and keep good exhaust, wipe at any time
    The cleaning and maintenance of machine tools are necessary for the normal operation of machine tools. Imagine, people's joints are not flexible. How do they move?Similarly, the machine guide is also a core component of high precision.After polishing, the bearings must be cleaned to keep clean and lubricated. Each bearing should be regularly oiled to make the driving device flexible, accurate processing, and extend the service life of the machine.
    4. Ambient temperature and humidity
    The ambient temperature should be in the range of 5-35C.It is important to note that if used in an environment below freezing, it must be done:
    (1) To prevent the circulating water in the laser tube from freezing, and the water must be completely discharged after the shutdown
    (2) When starting, the laser current must be preheated for more than 5 minutes before it can work.In rainy and humid environments, the laser power supply takes longer to warm up.High voltage should be added after dehumidification to prevent breakdown of high voltage circuit.
    5. Correctly use the "laser high voltage" button
    When the "laser high voltage" button is turned on, the laser power is in standby state.When encountered "manual light" or computer error operation, it will emit laser and inadvertently hurt people.Therefore, each time a work is completed, such as discontinuous processing, you should turn off the "laser high voltage" at any time (laser current cannot be turned off), when the machine is working, do not allow the operator to leave, in order to avoid accidents, it is recommended that the continuous working time does not exceed 5 hours, can take a 30-minute break in the middle.
laser machine
    6. Keep away from high power and strong vibration equipment.
    Sudden high-power interference can sometimes lead to machine failure. Although rare, it should be avoided.Therefore, such as large electric welder, giant electric mixer and large power transmission and transformation equipment, should be far away.It is self-evident that strong vibration equipment, such as forging press and vibration caused by short distance motor vehicle walking, obvious ground shaking is very unfavorable for accurate engraving.
    7. Lightning protection
    As long as the building's lightning protection measures are reliable.
    Special recommendation: In places where the power grid is unstable (such as voltage fluctuation exceeding 5%), please install a stabilized power supply with a capacity of at least 3000W to prevent sudden voltage fluctuation and burn down the circuit or computer.
    8. Maintain the stability of the control PC.
    The control PC is mainly used for the control of the engraving device.Do not use a dedicated machine except to install the necessary graphic design software.Because the computer is equipped with network card and anti-virus firewall, it will seriously affect the running speed of the controller.Do not install an anti-virus firewall on the control computer.If you need a network card for data communication, disable the network card before starting the engraving machine.
    9. Guide rail maintenance:
    During the movement of the guide, a large amount of dust is generated due to the material to be treated.Maintenance method: first wipe the original lubricating oil and dust on the guide rail with cotton cloth, wipe clean, and then apply a layer of lubricating oil on the guide rail surface and side.Maintenance cycle: about a week.
    10. Fan maintenance:
    After the fan has been in operation for some time, a large amount of dust can accumulate in the fan and exhaust pipe. Dust can affect the exhaust efficiency of the fan and cause a large amount of smoke to be discharged.
Repair method: loosen the hose connecting the exhaust pipe and fan, remove the exhaust pipe and remove dust from the exhaust pipe and fan.
    Maintenance period: about one month
    11. Screw tightening:
    After the motion system works for a period of time, the screw at the joint of the movement becomes loose, which will affect the stability of the mechanical motion.Maintenance method: Use the attached tools to tighten screws one by one. Maintenance period: about a month.
    After the machine works for a period of time, due to the working environment, the lens will adhere to the surface, which will reduce the reflectivity of the reflective lens and transmittance of the lens, and ultimately affect the working power of the laser.Maintenance method: Gently wipe the lens surface with absorbent cotton and ethanol to remove dust.
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