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How to maintain the spindle of the CNC router machine
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A CNC router spindle is an electric spindle for high-speed routing, carving, drilling, punching and more machining methods. The spindle is the core component of the CNC router machine. With long-term use, if you neglect to maintain it, the spindle will be easily damaged. This may make you unable to work and have to pay for expensive repairs. Therefore, it is very necessary to perform routine maintenance on the spindle of the cnc router.
air cooling of cnc router
1. The CNC router spindle is the equipment that contacts the most processed workpieces and waste materials, so it is important to clean it well. After the CNC machine has been running for a day, the operator should use a vacuum cleaner to clean the motor spindle and motor rotor end terminals, to prevent the waste in the rotor end and terminal on the accumulation, in order to avoid the waste into the bearing, accelerated wear of bearings.
2. The operator shall form a habit of cleaning the clamp head and the pressure cap after unloading the knife.
3. It is also a custom that the operator must clean the tool, the clamp head and the pressure cap when putting on the knife. This detail can greatly extend the life of the spindle motor.
4. Each time the card is loaded and the tool is replaced, the operator must unscrew the cap and can not change the tool with the direct insertion method.
5. Do not use chipped, corroded or worn tool holders, because any damage to the taper will quickly transfer to the spindle. In addition, choose high-quality tool holders and try to avoid the cheapest ones.
Because there are two types of CNC router spindles, air-cooled spindles and water-cooled spindles. Therefore, in addition to the basic maintenance mentioned above, some maintenance methods are also different for the two different types of spindles.
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How to maintain the water-cooled spindle

1. Since the water-cooled spindle adopts water circulation cooling, it needs to be replaced frequently in order to ensure the cleanness of the cooling water. At the same time, pay attention to the temperature of the spindle during processing. If the temperature of the spindle rises, check whether the water circulation is normal. After the water temperature is too high, the cooling water should also be replaced in time.
2. Because the weather is cold in winter, in order to avoid damage to the water-cooled spindle, the cooling water should be treated in time after the cnc router machine is used to avoid freezing of the water pipe or water tank. Of course, you can also choose coolant instead of water, which is not easy to freeze and has a good cooling effect.
3. It is strictly prohibited to turn on the spindle motor without cooling water. Only in the premise of normal cooling, spindle motor can be in good working condition.
4. Frequently clean the water tank, pipes, inlet/outlet, and other elements through which the water passes to remove any blockages. If the pipe has a dead bend, resulting in water flow or dirt clogging the pipe, it will cause the spindle motor can not work properly, and will affect the processing effect.
air cooling of cnc router

Useful Tips on Air Cooled CNC Spindle

The maintenance of the air-cooled spindle is relatively simple, just make sure that the air entering the electric spindle is clean and dry.
The normal work of the CNC router machine is inseparable from the support of every component, so doing a good job of daily maintenance is an important step to ensure the machine processing efficiency and extend the machine's use time. If you want to learn more about CNC machine knowledge, you can communicate online at any time.
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