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How to install the knives of the woodworking engraving machine
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The application range of woodworking engraving machine is very wide, and it is necessary for some production factories to understand the suitable application range of various engraving machines.
Low power is only suitable for making two-color boards, building models, small signs, three-dimensional crafts, etc. Because the power is too small, it greatly affects the scope of its application, and the high-power engraving machine can be used as a small-power engraving machine, which is more suitable for large-scale cutting, embossing, and engraving.
 Only when the woodworking engraving machine's tools are installed correctly can the carved patterns be more accurate, and the tools are not easy to break during use. How to quickly and correctly install the woodworking engraving machine's tools? ACCTEK has sorted out several important operation steps for installing knives and hopes to help you.
1. There are many gaps on the chuck. Before each tool is clamped, the chuck needs to be cleaned with gasoline or WD40 cleaning agent, and the residue in the chuck gap should be checked and removed.
2. The fit between the chuck and the shaft is in contact with the taper hole at the end of the shaft. If the contact is not good, the tool will not be easy to install, so ensure that the taper has good contact. The shaft cone must be cleaned with gasoline or WD40 cleaning agent before loading the knife.
3. Put the chuck into the pressure cap, gently turn the clamp spring, and wait until the eccentric part of the pressure cap is recessed into the chuck groove, push the chuck evenly in the arrow direction, and then it can be installed in the pressure cap.
4. The chuck and pressure cap are installed on the machine spindle together. After cleaning the cylindrical shank of the tool, put it into the holding hole. After confirming that the chuck and the tool are aligned, screw the pressure cap in place by hand. Then use a wrench to tighten the pressure cap evenly and firmly until the tool is firmly clamped before use.
5. When loosening the knife, use the wrench to twist the pressure cap in the opposite direction. If you need to change the chuck, loosen the pressure cap to bring out the chuck and tool, remove the tool, push the chuck in the direction of the arrow to push it out, and then push it out as needed. Just replace it with a chuck with another aperture.
The above are some precautions for the installation of woodworking engraving machine tools. If you have other questions when purchasing CNC engraving machines and laser cutting machines, you can communicate with our staff online at any time. ACCTEK will provide each user with the best purchase plan.

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