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How important is the control system to the advertising engraving machine
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Advertising engraving machine is a kind of automatic advertising equipment, advertising engraving machine is mainly used in advertising industry, followed by the arts and crafts industry, furniture industry and so on.The operation of advertising engraving machine is inseparable from the control system.At present, there is more than one advertising engraving machine control system in the market.Advertising engraving machine different control system, with different characteristics and advantages some manufacturers have also developed their own control system, specially for their own advertising engraving machine use.
Control system is the core part of advertising engraving machine, he is equivalent to our human brain and soul, is a general control system and control center, it is a general control mechanism, not his work task and work target orders, advertising engraving machine is unable to sculpt, such as what kind of pattern is carved need general control system for a debugging process.
What is the advertising engraving machine control system?
The control system of advertisement engraving machine includes Dimension macro control system, DSP controller control system, NK panel control system, new generation control system, MACH3 control system, etc.
How to operate the advertising engraving machine control system?
1, open < system parameters > there are manual speed and automatic parameters, you can set the appropriate speed.
2, use the default speed one phase check, so that the processing speed can be improved, save time.
3, use the default speed, no check.
4, Speed adaptive optimization, check.The system should be optimized automatically according to the processing route.
5, K add scene touch, check.
6, use downward knife speed, this must be set, it is often changed, can be set very slow, can be set very fast, set at will.
7. Optimize the speed of knife lifting.The lifting speed can be set as the empty range speed, that is, the lifting is fast and the cutting is slow.Tick.And you don't have to set it up so that it's going to move and move at z velocity.
8, empty range instruction, check.
9. When suspending or ending, the spindle will be stopped automatically.The principal axis of this phase is controlled by the system and must be checked.You can check it or not.
10. There is another phase below this parameter list and the most important one is the inverse Z axis.You have to check.
advertising engraving machine

The power of advertising engraving machine has a large and small, high-power advertising engraving machine can replace the work of low-power advertising engraving machine.But the opposite is not true.And this should be clear to you.When buying advertising engraving machine, not only to consider the current needs, but also to consider the future needs.Advertising engraving machine has domestic and imported points.As China's economy grows, so does our technology.Choose domestic advertising engraving machine can also achieve the effect of import.Today we focus on explaining the advertisement engraving machine aluminum plate notes.
1, vibration isolation, vibration isolation is mainly to reduce the role of interference force, in the transmission line of vibration barriers, so that the source of vibration can not be transmitted to the tool or the workpiece.According to the amplitude-frequency characteristics of the forced vibration, the amplitude of the vibration system is related to the frequency of the disturbing force. When the frequency of the disturbing force is greater than the natural frequency of the system, the amplitude of the disturbing force is reduced, although the magnitude of the disturbing force remains unchanged. The larger the ratio, the smaller the amplitude is.
2, vibration elimination, in the process system, install an additional device, the additional device can lift a kilocalories, it and the system of the magnitude of the interference force, opposite direction, the same frequency, to offset the original interference force of the system.
3. Reduce or eliminate the imbalance of rotating parts in the process system. In this case, the imbalance of rotating workpiece, machine tool spindle components, motor and grinding wheel in the process system will produce periodic interference force, so we should be on the alert.In order to reduce this interference force, static balance should be made for general rotating parts and dynamic balance should be made for high-speed rotating parts.
4. Improve the accuracy of system drive parts.We can know the gear, rolling bearing, belt and so on in the machine tool transmission parts, they will produce impact in high speed transmission, the solution is to improve the manufacturing accuracy and assembly accuracy of the parts and the selection of impact resistant materials.
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