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How to judge the quality of the engrave machine?

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    As the person that uses engrave machine more and more, also somebody chooses regular woodworking engrave machine factory home to buy equipment ceaselessly.So, do you know how to judge the quality of the equipment?

    Judgment on quality:

    1, speed

    Engraving machine in use, if the work speed is relatively fast, can improve the work efficiency, and even in a short time to save costs.Slowly, you will find that their spindle motor is a relatively fast link in all electrical technology fields, which is also a key part of the whole engraving machine.

    2, accuracy 

    In the actual selection process, these jinan carving opportunities have different precision, and even their quality is an important measure.The higher the precision of the engraving machine, the more convenient it is in the actual use.

    3, save electricity

    Engraving machine in working process, basically there will be a variety of different power saving features, woodworking carving factory advice, should look at their work efficiency, or the actual situation of the whole carving machine, also want to see the difference of the overall situation of energy-saving in more cases, the quality of the carving machine will be better and better, so some things will bring more protection.

    4,The degree of strength

    Now in the use of the engraving machine in the process, all the work not only to consider the speed and accuracy, but also to consider the relevant strength, the strength of the engraving also represents the efficiency of the entire equipment, of course, the higher the power, generally speaking, the higher their price.

    Woodworking carving machine can be applied in furniture industry, furniture decoration industry, woodworking decoration industry, musical instrument industry, suitable for large area plate plane carving, solid wood furniture carving, solid wood art mural carving, solid wood carving, density board paint-free door carving, kitchen window carving, etc., is the furniture decoration industry replacement products.

    Before buying engraving machine, in order to ensure investment recovery, should let the sales staff or by your own hands to operate, you often do the work of trial carving.At the same time calculate the efficiency, observe the effect, fully test the performance of the machine. Have a general idea in mind.



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