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How are CNC Router Machines classified?

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The application of CNC router machine in industry has been very common. This CNC machine can be programmed with software to automatically engrave and cut, and there are many types of machines. Generally, CNC router machines are classified according to their uses. For example, CNC machine tools used for woodworking projects are called CNC wood router machine; some are used for the production of advertising signs, which we call advertising cnc router machines; in addition, there are stone carvings, so this equipment is called a stone cnc router machine; a machine used to make metal molds, we call it a cnc metal engraving machine. The following is a brief introduction to the characteristics of these cnc router machines.
CNC machine has a special wood engraving machine called CNC wood router machine, which is widely used in the field of furniture production. You can use a CNC wood router machine to engrave a wide variety of patterns and graphics on cabinet panels to create one-of-a-kind custom furniture for your clients. The CNC wood router machine supports CNC programming. After the programming is completed, the cnc router spindle will automatically implement the engraving path according to the program requirements. This computer-controlled method can improve your work efficiency, and the processed patterns will be particularly delicate. There will be no mistakes due to human factors, and the waste of plates will be reduced.
CNC wood router machine is also widely used in handicraft manufacturing, musical instrument processing (violin, guitar, etc.), wooden doors, office furniture, decorations and other fields.
CNC Wood Roter Machine

CNC Wood Roter Machine

Another widely popular CNC machine is the advertising cnc router machine, which also supports CNC programming. The advertising cnc router machine is smaller than the CNC wood router machine, and its worktable size is usually 4x4 feet, which is very suitable for the production of advertising signs. Because acrylic is the most widely used material in the advertising industry, the advertising cnc router machine is also called acrylic cnc engraving machine. Of course, in addition to acrylic, it can also process many types of materials, such as wood, plastic, foam, etc. In addition, some metal materials can be processed by advertising cnc engraving machine. At this time, you need to add an additional cooling device to it, which can better protect the spindle tool. Advertising cnc engraving machine is popular with users because of its cheap price and wide range of processable materials.
There is also a type of CNC machine that is specially designed for stone engraving, and the pattern engraved by the stone cnc engraving machine is very fine. The engraving path is controlled by computer, which can greatly reduce the mistakes caused by manual engraving and avoid the waste of materials. At the same time, the application of stone cnc engraving machine can greatly improve production efficiency, reduce the demand for high-tech manual workers, and thus reduce labor costs.
CNC equipment specially used for metal mold engraving, we call it cnc metal engraving machine. This type of machine is relatively complex, because it is mainly used to produce molds, so it requires high precision. Therefore, the cnc metal engraving machine is a kind of numerical control equipment with very high precision, which is mainly used in the automobile industry, hardware mold production industry and other fields. Since a cnc metal engraving machine requires higher precision, it is also more expensive than other types of CNC engraving machines.
CNC metal engraving machine

CNC Metal Engraving Machine

According to the different materials used in CNC router machine, it can be roughly divided into the above types. In addition, according to the number of axes, it can also be divided into 3 axis CNC router machine, 4 axis CNC router machine, 5 axis CNC router machine and rotary axis CNC router machine. Different types of CNC machine tools have their own application areas. Which type of CNC engraving machine to choose depends on your actual needs.

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