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Portable Laser Cleaning Machine for Wood Cleaning
The video shows you ACCTEK's new design portable laser cleaning machine. This is a 100W pulsed laser cleaning equipment that can clean wood without damage. The pulsed laser cleaning machine developed by ACCTEK has a wider range of power options, including 100W-500W power. Provide more choices for your various application scenarios.
The advantage of the pulsed laser cleaning machine is that the heat output is more controllable, which can prevent the substrate temperature from being too high and causing slight dissolution. Therefore, the 100W portable laser cleaning machine can not only perform metal rust removal, but also surface cleaning of other materials such as wood. As you can see from the video, not only the laser rust removal effect is good, but the laser also obtains a good cleaning effect when removing oil stains on the wood surface.
The advantage of a portable laser cleaning machine is that it is small in size and easy to move and carry outside the workshop for cleaning operations. Its size is only 600x360x710mm, and a universal wheel is installed at the bottom of the chassis, so you can easily take it to any place that needs cleaning.
From the introduction of the video, you can see that another feature of this laser cleaning machine is that the laser cleaning gun is placed in the chassis, which also provides portability for the movement of the machine. The laser cleaning gun is placed in the box on the top of the chassis, and a simple handle is installed on the outside, which is very convenient to take. The connecting cable between the laser cleaning gun and the machine is 5M long, which can complete a wide range of cleaning work.
The pulse laser cleaning machine is very suitable for the cleaning of high-precision equipment or valuables because of its fine cleaning and no damage. Such as historical relics (Buddha statues, bronzes, etc.), precious jewelry, medical equipment, etc.
In addition to pulsed portable laser cleaning machines, ACCTEK also provides high-power continuous laser cleaning machines for industrial users, which are cheaper and suitable for rust removal and paint removal of mechanical equipment.

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