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Laser Paint Removal process video
Laser paint removal is a common application of laser cleaning, which removes paint from the surface of a material without damaging the substrate. The process can be applied to any metal, with steel and aluminium being the most typical.
Laser paint removal, also known as laser paint remover, is a very environmentally friendly cleaning process. There is no chemical pollution, and there are no special requirements for the working environment, which is very easy to operate.
During laser paint removal, the high-energy laser beam generates shock waves that are ejected from the metal surface when the paint layer on the metal surface reaches its ablation threshold. The paint evaporates or peels off while the surface of the material remains intact.
What Laser Paint Removal Can Do
Laser paint removal tool provides a safe and effective way of industrial cleaning. It removes old paint from targeted areas of aircraft, construction machinery, vehicles and other equipment to refurbish products for aesthetic or safety goals.
The wide application of industrial laser paint removal proves the effectiveness and efficiency of laser cleaning. It can also be used in many industries such as laser rust removal, laser removal of oxides, and laser cleaning of molds.

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