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Introduction to spindle motor
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Spindle motor :

Spindle motor is also called high speed motor, refers to the rotation of more than 10000 RPM ac motor.It is mainly used in wood, aluminum, stone, hardware, glass, PVC and other industries. It has the advantages of fast rotating speed, small volume, light weight, low material cost, low noise and low vibration.In high-speed progress of science and technology of modern society, is widely used because of the spindle motor, plus its workmanship, of the motor speed and higher machining quality, make other general motor cannot reach and technical requirements of the motor shaft in the important role of the industrial production process, so in the country and even the whole world of spindle motor special favour.

Classification and common parameters:

There are two types: water-cooled spindle and air-cooled spindle. The specifications are 1.5kw / 2.2kw / 3.0kw / 4.5kw.

Such as water cooled 1.5kw spindle motor

Spindle motor material: 304 stainless steel jacket, high cast aluminum water jacket, high temperature resistant copper coil.

Electric voltage: AC220V (must be output by frequency converter, can't directly use ordinary household electricity)

Current: 4 a

Speed: 0-24000 RPM

Frequency: 400 hz

Torque: 0.8Nm (Newton meter)

Radial runout: within 0.01mm

Coaxiality: 0.0025mm

Weight: 4.08 kg net

Nut type: ER11 or er11-b 2 nut chucks, shipped at random

Speed regulation: by adjusting the output voltage and working frequency through the inverter, it can realize 0-24000 stepless speed regulation

Cooling mode: water cycle or light oil cycle cooling mode

Size: 80mm in diameter

Features: large torque, low noise, stable speed, high frequency, stepless speed regulation, small no-load current, slow temperature rise, fast heat dissipation, easy to use, long service life.



1. In use, iron hooks should be used to clean the leakage port at the lower end of the water cover at the front end of the spindle to prevent the debris from blocking the leaking pipe

2. The air entering the motorized spindle should be dry and clean

3. The motorized spindle is removed from the machine tool and the air pipe is used to blow out the residual water in the cooling chamber of the motorized spindle

4. The motorized spindle that has not been used for a long time shall be oil sealed. When starting, in addition to washing the surface anti-rust oil with gasoline, the following work shall be done:

(1) pass the oil mist for 3-5 minutes, turn the rotating shaft by hand, and feel no hysteresis.

(2) ground insulation shall be detected by megohm meter, which shall normally be ≥10 megohm.

(3) operate at the rated speed of 1/3 for 1 hour before switching on the power, and operate at the rated speed of 1/2 for 1 hour if there is no abnormal phenomenon. Operate at the rated speed of 1 hour if there is no abnormal phenomenon. Operate at the rated speed for 1 hour if there is no abnormal phenomenon.

(4) the use of precision steel ball to maintain the rotating accuracy of the motorized spindle in high-speed grinding.

(5) the motorized spindle can be lubricated by high speed grease and oil mist according to different rotating speed.

(6) the temperature rise caused by high-speed rotation of the motorized spindle is eliminated by coolant circulating system flow


Difference of servo motor's spindle motor:

1. CNC machine tools have different requirements for spindle motor and servo motor:

The main requirements of feed servo motor for CNC machine tools are as follows:

(1) mechanical characteristics: the servo motor is required to have small speed drop and large stiffness;

(2) requirements of rapid response: this is more stringent in contour processing, especially in high-speed processing of the processed objects with large curvature;

(3) speed range: this can make the CNC machine suitable for a variety of different tools, processing materials;Suitable for various processing processes;

(4) a certain output torque is required, and a certain overload torque is required.The nature of machine tool feed mechanical load is mainly to overcome the friction of the table and the resistance of cutting, so it is mainly the nature of "constant torque".



The main requirements for high-speed motorized spindle are as follows:

(1) enough output power, CNC machine tool spindle load nature is similar to "constant power", that is, when the machine tool spindle speed is high, the output torque is small;When the spindle speed is low, the output torque is large;That is to require the spindle drive device to have a "constant power" nature;

(2) speed range: in order to ensure that the CNC machine tool is suitable for a variety of different tools, processing materials;It is suitable for different machining processes and requires the spindle motor to have a certain speed range.But the requirement of spindle is lower than that of feed;

(3) speed accuracy: the static difference is generally required to be less than 5%, while the higher requirement is less than 1%;

(4) fast: spindle drive device is sometimes used in the positioning function, which requires it to have a certain speed.

The output indexes of the servo motor and the spindle motor are different. The servo motor takes torque (N.m), and the spindle takes power (kW) as the index.

This is because the servo motor and the spindle motor play different roles in the CNC machine tools. The servo motor drives the machine tool's working table, and the load damping of the working table is the torque converted to the motor shaft, so the servo motor takes the torque (N.m) as the indicator.The spindle motor drives the spindle of the machine tool, its load must meet the power of the machine tool, so the spindle motor takes the power (kW) as the index.That's the customary way of calling it.In fact, through the conversion of mechanical formula, the two indexes can be calculated mutually

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