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How Much Does A Laser Welding Machine Cost?

Laser welding machines provide non-contact, high-speed metal welding solutions for advanced manufacturing in countless metal industries. Laser welding technology has become a highly reliable, easily automated process that generally provides the highest part quality at the lowest tooling cost and requires little maintenance.
To remain competitive today, companies need to reduce costs, improve efficiency and workpiece quality. Relying on high-performance, maintenance-free fiber lasers, laser welding technology has become the preferred welding solution for metal manufacturing. Fiber laser welding machine can be used to weld complex parts without damaging the material, and can realize spot welding, butt welding, stitch welding, sealing welding, and more. 
How Much Does A Laser Welding Machine Cost? 
Before buying a laser welding machine, you must understand your own welding needs. To ensure that the laser welding machine can achieve workshop processing effects and bring benefits to the store, such welding equipment is what the store needs.
For laser welding machine manufacturers, the price of laser equipment is expensive and cheap. High-end equipment can make the processing effect more comprehensive and the welding effect better, but the price of such equipment is also more expensive. If your workshop does not have high requirements on the processing effect, it is recommended to choose the one with general performance, which can not only meet the welding needs of the workshop, but also save the budget for purchasing equipment.
The price range of handheld laser welding machines is between $6,900 and $27,000, which is mainly related to the brand and power of the fiber laser source. Take the 1000W laser welding machine as an example. The JPT 1000W laser welding machine is priced at $7,000, and the same power IPG laser welding machine is priced at $16,400. This has to do with laser generator technology.
As for which laser welding machine to choose, you need to judge according to your welding materials, welding speed needs and other welding requirements.
ACCTEK laser welding machines are on sale at a reduced price from January 15th to February 15th. Each laser welding machine is reduced by $500 from the original price. That is to say, the cheapest laser welding machine can be purchased for $6,400, and the lowest price is only available during the event. If you are purchasing welding equipment, speak to sales now. Starting from the 15th of this month, you can buy a high-efficiency laser welding machine at the lowest price.

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