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What if there is a problem with the vacuum pump of the cnc machine

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        Now a lot of factory production of cnc router machine will be equipped with a vacuum adsorption pump, according to the requirements of fixed plate to facilitate customers, but for the use of vacuum pump considerations did not inform the customer, lead to many customers in the vacuum pump failure occurs when unable to determine what went wrong, today is the commonly used water pump problems do a simple description.
        Water circulation vacuum adsorption pump
        The commonly used power models of water circulation vacuum pump used by cnc router machine are generally 4.0kW, 5.5kW, 7.5KW, etc., with different power and different vacuum adsorption dynamics.
        The main components of the water cycle vacuum adsorption pump are as follows:
        1. Suction mouth: connect the suction pipe of woodworking cnc router machine.
        2. Dust removal: prevent wood chips and other sundries from entering the pump.
        3, check valve: stop, prevent the water in the pump back to the equipment.
        4. Inlet pipe: Inject working liquid into the pump, and the equipment generates vacuum.
        5, water inlet valve: control the flow of working fluid, before starting the valve must be fully opened, and ensure that the water has entered the pump, to start the vacuum pump.
        6. Drainage outlet: Empty the working liquid in the water tank and replace the clean softened water after the equipment is used for about 10 days.
        7. Exhaust port: The gas generated in the adsorption process is discharged into the atmosphere through the exhaust port. The exhaust port should not be blocked, connected with pipelines of more than two meters or pipelines of less than 5CM in diameter.
        8. Upper water level opening: Add water to the water tank until the upper water level opening flows outwardly, and add water regularly before starting the vacuum pump every day to ensure that there is sufficient working fluid in the tank.
        9. Water tank: Hold working fluid.

    So what should we pay attention to before water recycling?
        Special reminder: every time you open the vacuum pump, make sure there is working fluid inside the vacuum pump!And the working liquid level should reach above the motor wheel shaft!
        1. The suction mouth is connected with the suction pipe of cnc router machine, which is strictly sealed to prevent leakage.
        2. Two: for the first time, start the motor fan with a screwdriver to ensure that the impeller is not stuck.
        3. Connect the power supply of the motor, and adjust the running direction in accordance with the standard.
        4. to the water tank, until the water level of the mouth so far
        5. Open the valve to fill the pump and wait for three minutes to ensure that the working fluid flows into the pump
        6. start the motor, the vacuum pump starts to work, the adsorption table will produce the adsorption effect.Test adsorption strength.
        7. install motor overload protector to prevent motor overload and burn down!!(Special attention)

     Common problems and treatment methods of water circulation vacuum pump
        1. Vacuum pump does not pump vacuum.
        Main reason: the working fluid did not enter the pump cavity, no water ring or suction pipeline leakage.
        2. The motor does not turn when the vacuum pump is started for the first time.
        The main reasons are as follows: the clearance between the impeller and the disk is very small, the pig iron parts are oxidized, and the impeller gets stuck at the outlet. The main solution is to open the rear end fan protector of the motor, tap the rear axle head of the motor with a hammer, and then turn the wind blade of the motor by hand
        3, vacuum pump suction is insufficient.
        The main reason is the insufficient amount of working fluid, check the intake pipe;Check the sealing performance of the suction pipe if it leaks.The working fluid has not been replaced for a long time, and a large amount of sawdust entered into the working fluid has affected the quality of the working fluid, so attention should be paid to keep the working fluid as clean water.
        4, vacuum pump noise.
        The main reason is that the vacuum pump suction reached the limit when all the valves in the suction pipeline were closed. The cavitation sound and the noise of opening the inlet pipe valve would disappear

        If the water circulation vacuum pump is found to have insufficient suction and the sound of the motor becomes lighter, please stop immediately for inspection
        1. Patiently check whether the water level of the water tank is higher than two-thirds of the height of the vacuum pump head. If it is too low, please add water immediately.
        2. If the water level of the water tank is high enough, please check whether the inlet pipe between the pump heads of the water tank is blocked, resulting in insufficient water supply.
        3. After the equipment cleaning and water supplementation is completed, the air inlet must be plugged at the start of the equipment to control the air intake to let enough water flow into the pump body and generate enough vacuum degree.
        4. Please clean the water tank, inlet pipe and change the water within 150 days after using the vacuum pump.Please close the water inlet valve of the water tank and drain the water in the inlet pipe if it is not used in the short term.If not used for a long time, please completely prevent and control the water in the water pipe and pump head to prevent rust and affect the operation.
        5. It is not used for a long time. If it is found that the motor cannot operate after being energized, it is recommended to use pipe tongs to rotate the fan blade shaft after adding force, so that the rust point of the pump head will be loosened, and it can be used normally.

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