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Advertising CNC Router Machine spindle jitter solution
Advertising CNC router machine is a kind of CNC engraving equipment commonly used in the advertising industry, which can be used to process and produce various advertising signs, crystal characters, etc.
As a commonly used mechanical equipment, advertising CNC router machine may have some faults during operation, which will greatly reduce the work efficiency of the workshop. Therefore, when the advertising CNC router machine fails, the machine needs to be repaired in time. This post solves the problem of the spindle jitter of the advertising CNC router machine for you.
Generally speaking, the spindle jitter of advertising CNC router machine is caused by low spindle speed, excessive cutting speed or high product density. You can adjust according to the following situations:
1. The advertising CNC router machine is not placed horizontally. At this time, it is necessary to check whether the ground on which the machine is placed is level, and adjust the position of the machine until it is level.
2. The cutting speed of the advertising CNC router machine is too high. The user needs to keep the spindle speed and cutting speed of the machine within a reasonable range. When engraving high-density materials, if the speed is too low, the processing speed is relatively fast, and the spindle will shake. At this time, the machine feed speed should be appropriately reduced.
3. The parameters of the CNC router engraving machine control system are incorrect. Incorrect parameters will lead to unstable operation of the machine, and in severe cases, the spindle will shake very obviously. At this time, check the settings of control parameters such as pulse equivalent, linear acceleration, and curve acceleration of the machine.
4. The spindle motor and motor seat are loose. In this case, it needs to be tightened with a tool.
In addition to the above reasons, there may also be the reasons for the loose slider of the CNC router machine, the wear of the spindle bearing, and the excessive clearance of the spindle bearing. You need to check one by one according to the operation of the machine, and take corresponding measures according to the specific reasons.

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