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Laser welding machine operation precautions
Laser welding machine is a metal welding equipment with simple operation and high efficiency. However, if no protective measures are taken or the protection is not good when operating the laser welding machine, it will cause damage to human tissues such as eyes and skin. In order to ensure the safety of operating laser welding equipment, it is necessary to take protective measures against laser hazards, and do personal protection and safety management.
Personal protection
Laser welding machine operators need to wear fire-resistant and heat-resistant laser protective clothing; wear laser protective glasses that can attenuate specific laser wavelengths; wear laser protective gloves to avoid damage caused by direct or scattered laser light.
Safety management
With the progress of social civilization, industrial operations are becoming more and more humanized, and safety management is becoming more and more strict. But we still need to strengthen safety management to avoid unnecessary accidents, and the laser industry is no exception.
Before operating the laser welding machine, the staff needs to carefully check the machine operation safety manual to understand the machine usage method. When necessary, professional training is required to be employed. As an enterprise, it is also responsible for safety training and usage guidance for laser welding machine operators.
Laser welding technology is a non-contact and high power density welding process, and the widespread use of handheld laser welding machines has transformed the industrial welding market. Laser welding equipment is gradually replacing the application of traditional arc welder and electric welder technology in sheet metal.

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