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Laser Welding Machine AKH-1500 welding stainless steel
In recent years, laser welding machines have become more and more popular with metal product manufacturers. Laser welding technology is a non-contact and high power density welding process that connects multiple pieces of metal materials together by using the energy emitted by a laser beam. Stainless steel kitchenware, environmental protection equipment, auto parts, etc. are some common areas where laser welding technology is widely used.

Laser welding is a very fast technique. Depending on the type and power of laser used, thin section materials can be welded at speeds of many metres a minute. The laser weld is narrow with an excellent depth-to-width ratio and higher strength. Lasers are excellent for welding fine and delicate metal components and generating minimal internal stresses due to the minimal heat input.
ACCTEK fiber laser welding machine adopts hand-held welding head, which has the characteristics of no consumables, small size, flexible processing, and low operation and maintenance cost. If you need to know more, you can communicate online.

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