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How to solve the poor welding of laser welding machine
In the process of using the laser welding machine, sometimes there are some bad problems. These problems are mainly manifested in the phenomenon of low precision of solder joints, virtual soldering, continuous soldering, and missing soldering. In addition to improper debugging of the laser welding machine itself, these bad problems may also be caused by external factors. So how to solve these problems in welding?
Laser welding machine leaks during the soldering process
Leakage solder generally refers to the phenomenon that there is no tin on the pad during the laser soldering process. The reason for this phenomenon is that the solder paste or tin wire does not touch the solder joint. At this time, the laser welding machine operator needs to adjust the coordinates of the point to make it touch the solder joint.
The laser welding machine has virtual welding during the welding process
False welding generally refers to the fact that the welding point looks OK during the metal welding process, but the welding is not firm in fact. The main reason for this problem is that the laser spot does not stay on the pad for enough time or the temperature is too low. Therefore, it can be solved as long as the extraction time of the laser spot is prolonged or the temperature is raised.
Continuous welding occurs during the welding process of the laser welding machine
Continuous welding generally refers to the phenomenon that two adjacent solder joints are bridged together during the metal welding process. This is caused by the gap between the two points being too small. In this case, you should check whether the welding point is correct, if not, you should adjust it in time.
If the above problems occur when you operate the laser welding machine, you can adjust it according to the actual situation. Correct welding method can help you improve welding efficiency and welding quality.

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