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Fiber laser welding machine welding metal copper
Fiber laser welding machine can weld a variety of metals, but for highly reflective metal materials such as copper, can laser welding machine be used for welding?
Copper is a highly reflective material, and copper welding has always been a very difficult technical problem to overcome. When welding copper parts in the processing industry related to copper products, it is not only necessary to ensure the firmness of the weld, but also to ensure that the appearance of the weld is smooth and flat without affecting the appearance.
The welding of copper materials is a relatively difficult process. Due to the high thermal conductivity of copper, it is very difficult to weld. Although welding on copper is difficult, it is not insurmountable. The laser welding machine adopts a non-contact processing method, and the welding precision is high. It is a practical technology to realize the bonding process of copper materials.
In principle, copper is highly reflective, but this does not mean that copper cannot be laser welded. Generally, when a laser welding machine welds copper products, the problem of material reflection can be overcome by increasing the laser power. This ensures that enough laser beam is transmitted to the copper, thereby increasing the temperature of the copper material, which reduces the reflectivity of the copper material.
As a new type of welding equipment, laser welding machine can select corresponding data according to different copper materials. The laser welder operator can make the data reach a stable value by adjusting the welding temperature, angle, and light wave, etc. This can ensure that there will be no problems in the process of welding copper materials and obtain good welding quality.
The application of laser welding machine is gradually changing the industrial welding market, and it has gradually developed in the welding of copper materials by virtue of its own advantages.

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