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Fiber laser welding and cleaning machine in Russia
This is a photo of feedback sent to us by a Russian user. The machine next to him is a fiber laser welding cleaning machine produced by ACCTEK LASER, which is a device that combines the functions of laser cleaning and laser welding. In the photo he is using a laser cleaning system to remove rust from metal pipes. At present, this laser welding cleaning machine has helped him to complete several projects in his workshop, and he is very satisfied with the welding effect and cleaning effect of the machine.
The laser welding and cleaning machine is an upgrade and addition of a laser cleaning system on the basis of the laser welding machine, and the switching of welding and cleaning functions is completed by replacing the corresponding laser head and working mode. The laser welding gun has a hand-held design. In order to achieve the goal of comfortable grip, the handle width has been tested many times to ensure that it will not be tired even during long processing. Moreover, the hand-held laser gun can flexibly respond to various objects and angles, and whether welding or cleaning, it can achieve the accuracy that other equipment is not easy to achieve.
This laser welding cleaning machine system is easy to operate, and can display input and output IO status, alarm information and motion status in real time. Support a variety of different swing types, automatic wire feeding and other functions. In addition, the laser welding gun is also equipped with a temperature monitoring system, which can monitor the temperature of the laser lens and give early warning of damage. This can reduce maintenance costs for users.
In the welding operation, if there is rust or oil on the surface of the material, it will increase the difficulty of welding, and even increase the generation of pores, thus affecting the firmness of the welding. Therefore, the material needs to be cleaned before welding the metal. At this time, using the laser cleaning and welding machine will save you a lot of time and cost. You can first use the laser cleaning system to remove rust and clean the metal surface, and then switch to the laser welding system to complete the metal welding process. The all-in-one laser welding and cleaning machine can help users achieve the best welding effect conveniently and efficiently.
As a new type of equipment, laser welding cleaning machine is being paid attention by more and more users. The video shows you its working effect and mode switching process. For more information about laser welding cleaning machine, you can communicate online.

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