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Fiber Laser Welding Machine Supplier in China
With the development of fiber laser sources, hand-held laser welding machines have been widely used, changing the industrial welding market, and gradually replacing the application of traditional arc welding machine and electric welding machine technology in metal sheets.
ACCTEK Portable Fiber Laser Welders excel in welding a wide variety of sheet metal and tubes. This metal welding machine is easy to operate and requires little practice to use. The welded product is smooth and beautiful, no subsequent grinding is required, and the welding speed is very fast, which can save you a lot of time.
Handheld laser welding machines are available in 1000W/1500W/2000W. High-power fiber lasers have higher electro-optical conversion efficiency, fast welding speed, no traces, no discoloration, and no post-polishing. Built-in industrial chiller, stable and reliable performance. The chiller has a water temperature alarm function to ensure safe production.
The laser welding machine produced by the ACCTEK factory is designed with a hand-held laser welding gun, which is light in weight, small in size, ergonomically designed, and comfortable to hold. The connection cable between the machine and the welding gun is up to 10m, which can easily complete the welding work of any metal project in the workshop without moving the machine. Laser welding machines can weld many different materials, including steel, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium and nickel alloys.
ACCTEK, as a laser welding machine supplier, provides the best price for the welding machine for the agent users. As long as you purchase three laser welding machines and above at the same time, the price of each of your laser welding machine will be $400 lower than the original price. It will be more affordable price.
Numerous facts have proven that laser welding is a superior process. Laser welding machines, as the welding equipment with the highest return on investment, will become more and more popular in the field of industrial welding.

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