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Advantages and benefits of Fiber Laser Welding Machine

In recent years, laser welding machines have become more and more popular with metal product manufacturers. Because like laser cutting, many advantages of laser welding are being recognized and utilized to produce better products with higher production efficiency and lower cost. Laser welding technology is a universal and cost-effective method for joining metal materials.
Compared with traditional welding methods, the precise control of laser welding machine provides users with a number of advantages:
Faster welding speed: Laser welding is a very fast technique. Depending on the type and power of laser used, thin section materials can be welded at speeds of many metres a minute.
Weld strength: The laser weld is narrow with an excellent depth-to-width ratio and higher strength.
Heat affected zone: The heat affected zone is limited, and due to rapid cooling, the surrounding material is not annealed.
Precision work: The small, tightly controlled laser beam permits accurate micro-welding of miniature components.
Deformation: Parts have minimal deformity or shrink.
No contact: No physical contact between the material and laser head.
One sided welding: Laser welding can replace spot welding requiring access from one side only.
Scrap: Laser welding is controllable and generates low volumes of scrap.
Suitable for a range metal materials and thicknesses: With lasers, many different materials can be welded or joined, including steels, stainless steels, Al, Ti and Ni alloys. Furthermore, taking the example of steels, the thickness of the material that can be welded can be anything from under a millimetre to around 30mm , depending on the type and power of laser used.

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