Laser machine contains what configuration, laser function to do?

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Understand the laser machine from the whole structure of the machine, understand the control system, peripheral equipment, model and power system of the laser machine

Let's have a full understanding of the laser machine first, perhaps you may be able to bring unexpected help

First, overall understanding

From the overall structure of the whole machine is divided into four areas:

1, rear: laser tube, reflector, aluminum ring (internal test is soft sponge protection laser tube) :

2, the front panel: laser, guide |, bar, the slider, the X axis and Y axis (screw), motor, belt, synchronous wheel, wheel reducer, (high), limit switch, mirror, focusing mirror, drag chain, gas spring, red locator (optional)

3, control part: controller (control panel) stepper motor driver, switching power supply, filter, drag chain, laser power supply

4, the bottom of the machine: screw (lifting platform), motor, funnel, exhaust fan, universal wheel, fixed wheel.

Two, control system

1, controller: divided into three online, offline 1, offline 2, respectively using P68 board and MPC6535 controller.

Online is the card that has a PCI slot, have data line to connect to the machine, stability is better, but must be the computer to open ability is ok, and can use desktop computer to control only.Offline can be 1 to use the data line connected to the machine can also be put into the U disk for operation, save the computer, but the system is not as stable as online;Offline 2 control system and online prices are about the same, can not use LaserCut, can not preview the effect but to use CorelDrawCAD to control, there is power continued engrving function.

From the panel to distinguish: online above the ammeter;Offline 1 has an LCD display;The Offline 2 panel has a lot of buttons.

2, Software: Lasercut5.3 installation package includes AutoCAD, CorelDraw, Lasercut5.3 support image formats: PLT, AI, BMP, DST.There are PLT and AI format for cutting more, if used for carving, can only engraving closed graphics;BMP graphics can only be used for sculpture.

Note during the process of installing the software:

(1) It is not allowed to modify the installation path

(2) Install CorelDraw12 before installing the blowing software

Problems to be noted in the process of using software:

(3) The speed of turning and the working process are set as parameters or smaller ones

(4) Double-click the parameters to appear the setting parameters panel

(5) Black is carved to go, white is left, on the contrary.Add an odd number of frame type Yang carving, the word prominent, add an even number of Yin carving, the word concave.

(6) Slope engraving: the Angle power of 45 degrees is slightly larger and the effect is obvious.If slope carving is available, it must be an offline system.

Three, peripheral equipment

1. Cooling system: 1) The water pump is directly placed in the bucket, which can only be used for low distribution machines, but the chiller can be selected for low distribution machines. 2) Chiller: CW3000 Refrigeration method: water-cooled, for high distribution machines, 40W / 60W / 80W;CW5200, Refrigeration mode: automatic refrigeration of more than 80W machine.There is a silvery white pipe on the chiller, which is the water protection line. When the water does not circulate due to the failure of the chiller, this line will make the laser tube not work and play the role of protecting the laser tube.

Exhaust fan: It has exposed type and closed type, the main function is to remove smoke and dust.

3, air pump/air compressor: generally used in flammable materials, large power machine.The function is to cool the material and the lens.Ordinary tracheas are white, while high - quality tracheas are opaque.

Four. Model:

AKJ5030 6040 9060 1390 1318 1610 1325

Optional parts of the machine

Lifting platform, rotary auxiliary, red light locator, automatic focus, automatic fire extinguishing function.

Five, power system

1, laser power supply: divided into: 40W, 60W, 80W, 100W, 150W, 180W.Used with laser tube, thermal stimulation light tube is equipped with special thermal stimulation light power supply and laser tube bracket.

2, Switch power supply: 5V to the controller power supply.24V and 36V power the drive.

3, the motor is divided into two phase, three phase intelligent and servo motor.Use with the drive.The four lines are two-phase, whether it is low or high matching machine, the motor used on the lifting platform is all two-phase.

4, stepper motor driver: divided into two phase and three phase, with the stepper motor matching A+A-B+B- is two phase, UVW is three phase.General equipment with two phase high equipment with three phase;There are servomotor drives.

5, guide rail: 15mm (less than 15mm is a micro guide), 9mm high production accuracy, good quality, high price ATM linear guide (Yintai and HIWIN Taiwan brand, German guide rail is the best) four rows of beads.Square guide is expensive, Beijing KaiTian omits the guide rail, benefits: save energy, lack: precision and service life can be imagined.

6.It is divided into photoelectric and mechanical. The photoelectric service time is long and stable, but it is not accurate when there is oil pollution. The mechanical has sound and is not durable.

7. Slider: four rows of beads, imported

8. Belts: There are two brands: MXL and 3M

The width of MXL is 9.12mm, and the intercept (pitch) is 2.32mm

3M width 15mm, intercept (pitch) : 3mm

In addition to the cutting bed, all machines above 1312 have two upper covers, and one more motor for the lead screw without synchronous wheel. The precision of the lead screw is difficult to adjust, but the cutting is smooth, which is generally used for cutting thick materials.There is also a previous made one with belt on one side and lead screw on the other side. There is a motor on the lead screw to drive the belt.Models above 1312 can only make local lift.

9, synchronous wheel: not on the machine of the lead screw, but on the machine of the belt.

10, reduction wheel: speed refers to the deceleration after, only with high machine.

Six, cutting material process

1. Acrylic cutting, acrylic engraving, two-color plate engraving, marble engraving, glass engraving, knife template cutting, density board cutting and engraving, paper cutting and engraving, leather cloth cutting and engraving, rubber plate cutting and engraving, circular items cutting and engraving

Different laser machine models, the use of configuration is also very different, for their own industry, choose the right laser machine model, can achieve twice the result with half the effort.

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