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What materials can be processed by CO2 laser cutting machine
The laser cutting machine can provide you with a variety of options to complete various engraving and cutting projects. When you are not familiar with laser machines, you may have a lot of problems. What can the laser machine do for me? What materials can it process? This post introduces you to the application of CO2 laser cutting machine.
CO2 laser cutting machine can be used for engraving and cutting of non-metallic materials. Although you may associate the CO2 laser machine more with wood or acrylic, you can use the CO2 laser machine to cut fabric, cloth, leather, paper and other non-metallic materials. Of course, it can also engrave glass.
Wood and acrylic are the most common materials for CO2 laser cutting, so CO2 laser cutting machines are widely used in the furniture industry and advertising industry. It’s common for beginners and even professionals to use a laser cutter for wood to cut out pieces to assemble, engrave gifts and carve out intricate patterns in a piece of wood. When you use a laser cutter for acrylic, you can create some truly amazing pieces of art. Plastic and acrylic materials are ideal for creating signs, jewelry, ornaments, wall art and much more.
Once you’ve practiced a bit with other laser cutting materials, you might want to try your hand at leather. It’s an expensive material, but the results look amazing. You can create wallets, belts, purses and artwork. Laser cutting textiles is a newer option. Using a laser cutter for fabric works as a form of digital embroidery. You get similar results in a lot less time.
ACCTEK has a CO2 laser engraving and cutting machine with stable quality and low price. The RECI laser tube is selected, slim beam, high quality spot. Installation of reinforcement stings, the laser tube is not easy to collide and cause damage when moving the machine. It helps in engraving and cutting materials with ease.

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