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What are the types of laser marking plastic materials
Laser marking technology is a very flexible processing method that can quickly and clearly engrave patterns on the surface of materials. Today ACCTEK will share with you the types of marks that laser marking machines can use on plastic products.
Laser marking on plastic materials can be divided into 4 different marking types based on the surface reorganization or color change of the material:
1. Color change
When irradiated with a short enough laser wavelength, the plastic can be decomposed and dissociated, and the color will change. As long as the right amount of additives is added to the plastic, it can produce beautiful effects.
2. Carving depressions
When the laser peak of the laser marking machine is high, or the melting point of the material is low. The local temperature on the surface of the material is much higher than the melting point of the material, and structural reorganization corrosion or gasification will occur on the surface of the material.
3. Transmission does not produce traces
There are many transparent or translucent plastics, and the laser will pass through the material without making any marks.
However, polycarbonate (PC) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) are special materials that are transparent to the naked eye, but can be carbonized even under low-level laser energy exposure, resulting in clear marks.
4. The carving sinks and the color changes
When the laser energy is high, the laser exposure can cause excessive carbonization of the plastic, resulting in spots of varying sizes and black depths in the material.
Laser marking plastics offers many advantages:
1. The laser marking speed is fast, and the smallest components and details that are difficult to reach can be easily marked.
2. Laser marking is non-contact marking, resistant to corrosion, heat and acid.
3. Laser marking can mark a variety of different plastic materials.
4. The laser marking has high precision and can realize fine marking.
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