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Types and applications of laser marking machines

Laser marking is the process of marking and engraving the surface of a material using a focused, high-energy laser beam. Laser marking machines have different applications because of the different types of lasers used to perform their work.
Fiber laser marking machine is mainly used in the metal field, it can mark permanent patterns on various metal surfaces such as stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, copper and so on. Of course, the fiber laser marking machine can also be used in non-metallic fields, such as marking the surface of polymers, rubber, plastics and other materials. However, for marking the surface of wood, I recommend that you choose a CO2 laser marking machine.
As the fiber laser beam enters the wood, its absorption cannot be controlled, which creates uncontrolled marks on the wood surface. The pattern looks jagged or burnt in places as unrecognizable marks. And due to the high temperature and flammable nature of wood, after the heat builds up, the wood may be ignited in severe cases. The CO2 laser marking machine can avoid this series of problems for you. It can successfully engrave graphics, serial numbers, production dates or meaningful text on wood surfaces. The entire marking process is very safe, the wood will not be charred or ignited.
Application of fiber laser marking machine
Fiber lasers produce photons with a wavelength of 1064 nm. This wavelength is ideal for marking metals because a large amount of its energy can be absorbed by metallic materials.
Fiber laser marking machine can engrave on metal surfaces, making it widely used in various metal products such as auto parts, medical equipment, metal kitchen utensils, electrical products, stainless steel doors and windows. In addition to marking the production date, brand logo, and traceability information on metal workpieces, you can also engrave unique patterns on the metal surface to increase the aesthetics of the product.
Application of CO2 Laser Marking Machine
CO2 lasers generate wavelengths between 9000nm and 11000nm, covering a wide range of organic materials requiring different wavelengths. The CO2 laser marking machine can engrave patterns on wooden boards to process portrait artwork or decorative paintings. In addition to the first time, it is also widely used in fabric, acrylic, Dali Temple and other non-metallic composite materials.
Advantages of laser marking machine
Laser marking uses a non-contact process, so there is no mechanical wear between the laser marking head and the material, which helps extend machine life and minimize maintenance costs. And laser marking does not rely on consumables such as ink, so long-term use and lower operating costs.
As a manufacturer of laser marking machines, ACCTEK can provide you with various types of laser marking equipment to ensure that it can meet your purpose of making permanent marks. Now communicate, you will get professional marking machine purchase advice.

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