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Tube Laser Cutting Machine used in auto parts manufacturing
In the automobile manufacturing industry, many parts are machined from metal pipes. For auto parts manufacturers, the processing technology determines the quality of auto parts, and the quality determines the price and profit of auto parts. Therefore, if manufacturers want to increase profits and enhance their competitiveness, it is the only way to improve processing technology.
The way to improve the processing technology of metal tube workpieces is to replace powerful processing equipment. As a high-precision intelligent cutting equipment, the tube laser cutting machine is more suitable for the auto parts processing industry. The metal tube laser cutting machine adopts non-contact processing, the heat effect area is small, and the surface of the metal tube will not be affected in any way.
Generally speaking, auto parts are basically made of stainless steel with a thickness of less than 2mm. If the traditional processing equipment is used, the tool wears quickly, or even chipping, which is easy to cause poor processing surface and difficult to remove chips. However, the laser tube cutting machine can quickly cut stainless steel, basically without burrs, and the cutting surface is smooth.
The metal tube laser cutting machine with auto feeding does not require manual intervention from feeding to cutting and forming, which greatly reduces the labor force of employees. After the whole bundle of metal tubes is placed, it can be intelligently divided and loaded, and it can be seamlessly connected with the laser tube cutting machine, which makes the machine easier to operate and improves the efficiency of the workshop.
This is why more and more auto parts manufacturers are choosing metal tube laser cutting machines for processing. Laser tube cutting machines can not only achieve ultra-low operating costs and maintenance costs, but also maximize the use of raw materials, so as to truly reduce the production cost of enterprises and increase profits.

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