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The core components of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
The fiber laser cutting machine has become a favorable helper for metal manufacturing projects due to its many advantages such as high precision and high efficiency, so it is also called a laser metal cutting machine. If you disassemble a fiber laser cutting machine, what are the key core components?
1. Fiber laser source
The fiber laser source is the most important part of the fiber laser cutting machine, which can become the "heart" of the cutting machine and the core power source of the laser machine. The laser power of the metal laser cutting machine can be selected from 1000W, 1500W, 2000W, 3000W, 4000W. The high-power fiber laser machine is especially suitable for high-speed and high-precision metal cutting. The cutting slot is very slim, which can reach up to 0.05mm.
2. Servo motor
The quality of the motor is related to the cutting accuracy of the fiber laser cutting machine. In order to make the machine cheaper, some companies usually choose a stepper motor. But the stepper motor used in the metal cutting machine often has vibration phenomenon, as the speed increases, the power will gradually decrease. ACCTEK fiber laser cutting machine adopts Taiwan Delta and Japanese Yaskawa servo motor, which have faster speed and signal feedback, which can effectively ensure the cutting accuracy, positioning speed and repeat positioning accuracy of the laser cutting machine.
3. Laser cutting head
The fiber laser cutting head is a laser output device, which consists of a nozzle, a focus lens and a focus tracking system. The cutting head of the laser cutting machine will travel according to the set cutting track. ACCTEK chooses the Raytool and Au3tech cutting head, the beam quality is excellent and stable, and it can perforate and cut various metal materials at high speed. High-grade dust-proof design, effectively avoid dust intrusion.

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