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Small Fiber Laser Cutting Machine processing video
The small fiber laser cutting machine AKJ6010F is equipped with a 2000W laser generator, which can cut ordinary metals such as stainless steel and carbon steel, and highly reflective metals such as aluminum and copper. The video shows you its cutting process and cutting effect. You can see that the entire processing process of the AKJ6010F laser cutting machine is efficient and fast. The processed metal workpieces are of high quality, with smooth edges and no burrs.
The metal laser cutting machine AKJ6010F is equipped with Au3tech auto focus laser cutting head, which can automatically find the best focal length instead of manual focus, which is more efficient. Advanced dust-proof design can effectively avoid dust intrusion and reduce maintenance costs for users. Equipped with Taiwan Delta servo motor to ensure fast and smooth operation of the machine.
This small size metal laser cutting machine is suitable for processing small metal products such as hardware, lighting, handicrafts and so on. The non-contact cutting method does not require tools to fix the metal plate, saving the time of clamping the workpiece and improving the work efficiency of the workshop. Moreover, the laser cutting technology has a small heat-affected area on the workpiece, and even if it processes small handicrafts, it will not cause damage to the workpiece.
The advantages of fiber laser cutting machine make it irreplaceable in the manufacture of metal projects. This small metal laser cutting machine is self-produced by our factory with high quality. Contact us and you can get this machine at an affordable factory price.

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