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Plate and tube integrated Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
The plate and tube integrated fiber laser cutting machine is a professional CNC laser equipment that can cut both metal plates and metal tubes. No matter what kind of special-shaped metal tube plate, the fiber laser cutting machine can complete high-speed perforation cutting. With the characteristics of high precision, high efficiency and high cost performance, it is the first choice for the non-contact metal tube plate processing industry.
All kinds of metal sheets and metal tubes are used in various industries, such as stainless steel kitchen utensils, lamps, water tubes, home appliances and other products, which are closely related to our lives. With the gradual expansion of market demand, traditional processing methods can no longer meet the requirements of the rapidly developing market. The advantages of fiber laser cutting machines are becoming more and more obvious.
Traditional tube processing requires cutting, punching, and bending processes, which consume a lot of molds. The metal tube laser cutting machine not only has fewer processes and high efficiency, but also the quality of the cut workpiece is better. Laser cutting metal does not require molds, saving costs. And through reasonable typesetting, the metal laser cutting machine can make great use of materials and prevent waste.
Fiber laser cutting machine with rotary axis can very easily complete the clamping and positioning of tubes with a length of several meters, which makes batch processing possible. In modern manufacturing, precision is critical. Laser processing adopts the same set of fixture system, and the processing design is completed by programming software, and multi-step processing is completed at one time, so that each part has the same size and high precision.
For metal fabrication service providers, the more functions a fiber laser cutting machine has, the greater the benefits it can bring to the workshop. Metal sheet and tube laser cutting machines save space in your workshop on the one hand, and capital investment in adding new equipment on the other hand. It is a good choice for starting metal projects.

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