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Operation tips of laser marking machine
Laser marking machine has been widely used in the market for their advantages of good marking effect and strong stability. In the process of using the laser marking machine, we should pay special attention to the correct operation method of the laser marking machine. In this post, ACCTEK LASER shares with you some tips for extending the service life of laser marking machines.
1. When the laser marking machine is working, do not use any object to contact the beam.
2. Before starting the machine, you must check whether the water flow is normal. Do not start the laser marking machine when the water circulation is not correct.
3. When the laser marking machine is running, once a fault is found, it needs to be stopped immediately to avoid personal injury.
4. After the laser marking machine has been used for a period of time, it is necessary to wipe off the dust on the surface with a clean dry cloth.
5. The laser is the core of the laser marking machine. It must be moved carefully to avoid damage due to improper movement.
6. The field lens will become blurry or dusty for a long time. You need to wipe the lower surface of the lens with a clean absorbent cotton dipped in alcohol until the lens surface is free of dirt.
7. The ambient temperature of the laser marking machine cannot be too high, which will affect the heat dissipation of the laser marking machine, thus affecting its service life. Also, the environment should not be humid. The humid environment will affect the circuit and also affect the marking effect of the machine.
8. The output power of the laser marking machine should be determined according to the marking material, not the higher the power, the better. As long as the marking requirements can be met, and a machine works under high load for a long time, the damage to the laser is very large.
Only using the laser marking machine in the correct way can ensure that the marking effect is always good and lasts longer.

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