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Operation guide of fiber laser cutting machine
If you are using a fiber laser cutting machine for the first time, you may need some how-to guides to get better cutting results. This post gives you some tips to help you get better at your metal cutting projects.
1. The thickness of the metal material is an important factor that must be considered in the laser cutting operation, which is directly related to the power of the laser. The higher the metal thickness, the worse the laser penetration and ability to cut the material. Therefore, when cutting thicker metals, the power of the laser needs to be increased to increase the possibility of cutting such materials.
2. Select the proper lens and nozzle, and check their integrity and cleanliness before starting the fiber laser cutting machine.
3. Adjust the focus. Adjust the laser cutting head to the proper focus position.
4. Select a suitable cutting assist gas and check that it is intact. Pay attention to the size of the auxiliary gas and gas pressure. If the gas is insufficient, it needs to be replaced in time.
5. The operator of the fiber laser cutting machine needs to wear labor protection equipment as required, and must wear laser protective glasses near the laser beam.
6. Keep the laser, the fuselage and the surrounding work area clean and orderly, and clean up the workshop garbage in time.
7. During the operation of the fiber laser cutting machine, the staff must pay attention to the metal cutting situation on site. In the event of an emergency, the emergency stop button needs to be pressed quickly.
The above operation tips for fiber laser cutting machine are only for reference for new users, and the specific operation can be adjusted according to the actual situation.

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