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Mixed CO2 Laser Cutting Machine for metal and nonmetal

Mixed laser cutting machine is called metal and nonmetal laser cutting machine. Its biggest feature is that it can cut both metals and non-metals. The metal materials that can be cut by the mixed laser cutting machine include stainless steel, carbon steel, and the non-metallic materials that can be cut include acrylic, density board, wood, cloth, cardboard, etc., and its application fields are very wide. This video shows you its cutting process.
Detailed information of Mixed CO2 laser cutting machine AKJ1390H-2:
Working Table and Funnel device
Aluminum knife worktable to process hard materials like acrylic, wood and so on.
A funnel device is installed under the knife table to collect wood chips and other waste garbage on the table in a drawer built into the funnel. After the board is processed, the garbage in the drawer is taken out and discarded to keep the processing environment clean and tidy.
Laser cutting head
The mixed laser cutting machine is equipped with a standard laser head and a metal laser head. Among them, the metal laser head has a following up system, which can automatically focus. During the cutting process, the laser head can automatically adjust up and down as the plate to be cut fluctuates. In this way, the distance between the focusing lens and the metal sheet to be cut can be ensured to maintain a constant focal length.
This CO2 laser cutting machine is also equipped with a smoke exhaust device, which can effectively reduce the smoke and gas during cutting and avoid indoor pollution. This machine can be widely used in the cutting of non-metallic materials and metal plates. The running speed and laser energy can be adjusted in real time, and it is very easy to operate.

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