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Laser marking machine selection guide in 2022
Laser marking machine irradiates the workpiece with a high-density laser beam, and the surface of the workpiece is absorbed by the laser energy, so that the surface of the material is deformed, melted, ablated, evaporated, etc., to form a mark. At present, laser marking machines have been widely used in various industries, which play the role of anti-counterfeiting and traceability, and are exquisite and beautiful.
At present, laser marking machines can be divided into semiconductor laser marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine, and fiber laser marking machine according to the laser source. So how to choose the right laser marking machine? Here is a selection guide for your reference.
Marking machine laser source selection
If you need to mark stainless steel kitchen utensils, plastic packaging, electronic products and other materials, you need to choose a fiber laser marking machine with a longer wavelength. If you need to mark on bamboo, cloth, wood, acrylic and other materials, you need to choose a CO2 laser marking machine with a shorter wavelength; if you want to mark heat-sensitive materials such as films, fruits, eggs, and glass, you need to use a medium-wavelength UV laser marking machine.
Of course, not one material is suitable for only one laser source. Multiple laser sources can be used for the same material, depending on your machining accuracy requirements.
Marking machine power selection
Laser power is sometimes the key to determining the speed and effect of marking. In general, the higher the power of the marking machine, the faster the marking speed and the finer the marking effect.
Other parts of the marking machine
The main hardware components of the laser marking machine, including laser, laser scanning galvanometer, focusing system, laser power supply and computing control system, you only need to choose according to the processing needs.
In addition, if you have requirements on the use accuracy, engraving effect, marking speed and automation of laser marking equipment, you need to ask the laser marking machine manufacturer in advance. Confirm the marking effect in the process of testing the sample, so as not to buy a marking machine that does not meet the requirements of use, affecting the use of the workshop.

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