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Laser cleaning machine is widely used
Laser cleaning machine is widely used in various industries such as ships auto parts rubber molds high-end machine tools tire molds track environmental protection and other industries. This post introduces you to the principles and advantages of laser cleaning machines. You can use it as a reference for choosing cleaning equipment.
Laser cleaning technology works by sending nanosecond-length pulses of laser light towards a surface. When it interacts with contaminants that absorb laser light the contaminants or coating particles will either turn into a gas or the pressure of the interaction will cause particles to free from the surface.
Advantages of laser cleaning machine
More environmentally friendly
No need to use any chemicals and cleaning fluids. The clean waste is basically solid powder small in size easy to store recyclable non-photochemical reaction no pollution.
Good effect
No abrasive non-contact and no thermal effects of laser cleaning no mechanical force on the object being cleaned no damage to the surface of the object no damage to the substrate.

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