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Laser Marking Machine completes trophy customization
Laser marking refers to the process of marking or engraving workpieces and materials with a laser beam. Laser marking machines do not use ink and do not use drills, which makes them more popular than traditional marking equipment.
With the help of a laser marking machine, the production date or barcode can be marked on product packaging, pens, handicrafts, kitchenware and other materials. Laser marking provides permanent and attractive logo and part number marking. The marking process is faster and the machine is less expensive to run.
Laser marking machines are widely used in trophy manufacturing. Whether it is wooden trophies, acrylic trophies or metal trophies, you can engrave unique patterns and texts on trophies through laser marking technology. Users who need customized trophies include enterprises, schools, scientific research teams, entertainers and other industries. It can be seen that laser marking has a very large market.
The laser marking machine produced by our factory has high precision and good stability. It has a very high operating speed and can mark any type of information on your metallic and non-metallic materials. This fully enclosed laser marking machine is equipped with the latest version of Ezcad marking special control software, with powerful editing functions, stable system, and easy operation and installation. The laser galvanometer scanning head is energy-efficient, high-definition scanning, and fast.
The laser marking machine is easy to operate, you only need to change the design in the software to achieve pattern marking of different sizes and shapes, which is very convenient for sampling or product replacement.

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