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How to use fiber laser machine to cut aluminum sheet?
Aluminum plate cutting is often encountered in metal cutting projects. Many customers will ask whether fiber laser cutting machines can cut aluminum plates? This is because aluminum is a highly reflective metal material and has low laser absorption, so cutting aluminum has always been a problem for fiber laser cutting machines. But this is not to say that it cannot be done. With some professional knowledge and skills, it can help you to be more successful in aluminum cutting.
While it is reflective and soft, aluminum can still be cut with a fiber laser. High-speed laser beams make it possible to cut various alloys of aluminum, including aerospace and marine-grade aluminum alloys. So what aspects should be paid attention to in the process of cutting aluminum?
1. The processing needs to focus on the control process, because aluminum materials are not resistant to high temperatures. Compared with ordinary metal materials, the cutting process is more difficult to grasp, and burrs are prone to appear in the process of cutting aluminum materials.
2. The laser cutting speed also needs to be controlled. With aluminum, too slow cutting speed will cause cracks in the aluminum material, which will affect the cutting quality. The faster you cut, the smoother the edge will be. That’s also why higher wattage lasers will perform better when cutting aluminum. They allow you to push the kerf line faster. 
3. You need to pay attention to high pressure and auxiliary gas when cutting aluminum sheet with aluminum laser cutting machine. Nitrogen is a better choice. These two combined will effectively eject any molten material quickly, preventing the buildup of a rough edge.
In general, the fiber laser cutting machine can cut aluminum, but the processing technology should be adjusted patiently and the cutting speed should be paid attention to. Since aluminum is a highly reflective material, it will damage the laser greatly, so it is recommended to use it as little as possible. 

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