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How to choose a suitable Laser Cutting Machine?

Processing material: metal or non-metal

If you are a furniture manufacturer or clothing manufacturer, then you need a CO2 laser machine to help your work. The CO2 laser cutting machine can engrave and cut non-metals, and can be applied to wood, MDF, acrylic, cloth, leather, stone and other materials. CO2 laser cutting machine has become the most common and popular cutting machine because of its high efficiency and low price.
If you need to carry out a metal cutting project, then you must choose a fiber laser cutting machine to work. Fiber laser cutting machine is also called laser metal cutting machine, which is professionally used in metal cutting work. The significant advantage of this laser cutting machine is that it can cut reflective and conductive metals, and there are no moving parts, they are more efficient and lower maintenance costs.

Other factors to consider

Cutting machine table size: You should choose the work table of the laser machine according to the maximum size of the material you need to process.
Cutting machine power: The thicker the material you need to cut, the more power you need to choose. 
Work table type: If you need a CO2 laser cutting machine, you should choose to add a honeycomb table when processing soft materials such as cloth and leather to prevent the material from deforming during the cutting process.
Rotary axis device: If you need to process cylindrical materials, it is necessary to add a rotary axis device. The rotary axis can be directly placed on the machine table for use. It can engrave cylindrical materials or cut metal tubes.

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