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How to Maintain the Fiber Laser Cutting Machine in Winter?
With the advent of winter the working environment of laser cutting machines has become very harsh. Once used improperly it will lightly affect the normal operation of the equipment and then affect the customer’s production schedule. In severe cases it will cause major damage to related core components of laser cutting machines such as water-cooled machines and lasers. Therefore we need to pay attention to the following items in daily use:
Ensure that the indoor temperature is above 0℃and improve the heating equipment in the workshop. Since the working temperature of the laser can only be started at about 17℃ if the chiller and laser are always turned on you can use the equipment without waiting the next day. Otherwise if the temperature is low you need to wait a long time until the water temperature rises before turning on the device.
When the indoor temperature cannot be guaranteed you need to keep the water cooler of the laser cutting machine always on and adjust the watertemperature to 5~10°C. In this way while ensuring that the cooling water is in a circulating state it can also save electricity. Besides since the cooling water needs to be replaced every day in the summer to avoid exceeding the specified temperature many customers will ignore this in the cold winter and think that the water temperature will not increase much in cold weather. So many customers often forget to change the water. Especially in winter because the outside temperature is very low it is difficult to notice the spindle motor heating.

Therefore we especially remind customers that cooling water is a necessary condition for the normal operation of the spindle motor. If the cooling water is too dirty it will cause serious damage to the motor. Therefore the cooling water must be replaced in time to ensure the cleanness of the cooling water and the normal operation of the water pump.

In cold areas after the laser cutting machine is not working do not turn off the chiller to keep the refrigerant circulating. The normal temperature can be adjusted to about 10°C. In this way the coolant temperature cannot reach the freezing point so the laser cutting machine will not be damaged.
During a long period of downtime you need to drain the cooling liquid of each part of the equipment through the water outlet of the laser cutting machine and then inject pure gas to ensure that there is no cooling liquid in the entire circulating water cooling system. This can ensure that the laser cutting machine will not be harmed inlow temperature.
In a cold indoor area it is necessary to add antifreeze to the laser cutting machine. On the one handadding antifreeze to the equipment should choose a reputable antifreeze. Otherwise the impurities contained in the antifreeze will stick to the laser tube and other parts thereby damaging the equipment. On the other hand it should be noted that after adding antifreeze it can only ensure that the water does not freeze at -20°C but it cannot be said that the water chiller can work normally at very cold temperatures. The normal working temperature of the water cooler should be above 5°C. The cold start temperature should be above 10°C. It is particularly important to note that any antifreeze can not replace deionized water and cannot be used for a long time. After winter deionized water or purified water should be used to clean the pipeline and deionized water or purified water should be used as the refrigerant.
Extremely cold weather can cause irreparable damage to the optical part of the laser. ACCTEK reminds everyone to store and use the laser strictly in accordance with the storage temperature and working temperature specified in the laser manual so as to better protect the core components of the laser equipment. If you want to learn more details Please contact ACCTEK CNC Machine Company.

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