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Good feedback about ACCTEK machines from different countries
The video shows the feedback of users in different countries on ACCTEK machines, which include fiber laser cutting machines, CNC routers, laser cleaning machines and laser welding machines. In the video you can see ACCTEK's various types of machines working in the user's workshop, and each machine shows its diversity.
The first part of the video is the feedback video about the fiber laser cutting machine, which came from users in Italy, Uzbekistan, Brazil and other countries. They each showed the process of cutting metal projects in their workshop with our best selling fiber laser cutter AKJ1530. You can machine many types of sheet metal from stainless steel, carbon steel, copper and more with this professional metal laser cutting machine. You can see that the process of laser drilling and cutting on the metal plate is very fast, and the edge of the workpiece after laser cutting is smooth and beautiful, and can be directly used in the next process. Click on Fiber Laser Cutting Machine to learn more about them.
The second part shows you the scene of the CNC router machine working in the user workshop. It starts with an Israeli user detailing his process of using the ATC CNC router. Because it was his first time using the cnc machine with auto tool changer, he encountered some problems during use, which of course were quickly resolved with the help of our technician Kate. This allowed the Israeli user to become an experienced CNC router operator and start creating many woodworking projects.
In this part, it also shows the process of a Cyprus user using a CNC router with a cutting saw, which is also one of our very popular ATC CNC router. The cutting saw is mounted on one side of the cnc router spindle and is used for heavy straight cuts or thick plate cutting work.
The Mexican user opted for a machine that combined an oscillating knife with a CNC route spindle. Here, he shows us the process of cutting fabric with vibrating knife and engraving aluminum-plastic panel with CNC spindle tool. Every project is very efficient and has good results.
ACCTEK CNC router machines are rich in types and can be customized according to user needs, and are welcomed by users in many countries in the CNC machine tool market.
The third part is about the feedback on the use of the laser cleaning machine. The American user used a 1500 laser cleaning machine to rust removal and clean the car chassis, tires and various components. You can see that the speed of laser rust removal is very fast, and the surface of the workpiece after laser rust removal is good and not damaged. This is the magic of laser cleaning machines.
For the cleaning of such large-scale equipment, we have 1000W/1500W/2000W/3000W industrial laser cleaning machines for users to choose from, with fast cleaning speed, high efficiency, and no consumables cost. For precision cleaning, such as medical equipment, historical relics, etc., we provide 100W/200W/300W/500W pulsed laser cleaning machines, which are more controllable and gentle, and will not cause damage to valuables.
Jinan Acctek Machinery Co.,Ltd started laser machine, and cnc router business since 2007. We are a global manufacturing company producing laser cutting machine, CNC router, laser cleaning machine for various applications such as signage, advertising, woodworking furniture, metal products. Stock or custom configurations are our specialty. Components for our machines are sourced from world class suppliers and innovators in machine control. Acctek products is becoming the word's TOP in laser engraving, cutting, cleaning and welding industry. Relying on cooperative research and development. Promote high - tech, high - quality products.
Our dedicated and highly skilled after sales service department, sales team, and thorough quality assurance procedures mean that you can buy with confidence. Our business is to improve your business.

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