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Fully enclosed fiber laser cutting machine AKJ1530 for metal
The fully enclosed fiber laser cutting machine shown in the video is a 2000W metal cutting equipment customized for German users. It has a worktable size of 5x10ft which is 1500x3000mm. You can see that the biggest feature of this fiber laser cutting machine is the fully enclosed structure designed around the fuselage. The observation window adopts European CE standard laser protective glass, which can protect the safety of operators on the one hand, and facilitate the discharge of smoke when laser cutting metal, which is more environmentally friendly.
For the process of laser cutting metal, you can view it at any time through the display screen outside the machine, which is safe and convenient. In addition, according to customer requirements, we also installed mechanical switches for each door on the fully enclosed fiber laser cutting machine AKJ1530FB. This switch device can ensure that the machine can only cut metal when the door is closed. Once the door is opened, the machine will stop working immediately without any accidental injury to the operator.
This fully enclosed laser cutting machine is equipped with a 2000W JPT laser generator, which enables it to cut not only ordinary metals such as stainless steel and carbon steel, but also highly reflective metals such as copper and aluminum. In the video you can see that the fiber laser cutting machine AKJ1530FB quickly cuts 2.5mm copper at a speed of 3m/min and 12mm carbon steel at a speed of 1.8m/min. Efficient processing speeds allow you to mass-produce your metal items.
Users in the field of metal manufacturing know that fiber laser cutting machine has become more and more popular in the field of metal cutting. Because it cuts metal very efficiently, and because the non-contact processing method does not cause any damage to the workpiece. Therefore, laser cutting metal equipment plays an important role in improving the productivity of enterprises. Of course, compared with traditional metal cutting equipment, the initial investment cost of fiber laser cutting machine is higher. However, its low operating cost and fast processing speed make the single-piece processing cost much lower than other processing costs several times.
Totally enclosed fiber laser cutting machine is just one of the types of our metal laser cutting equipment. For more types of fiber laser cutting machines, you can log in to the official website:

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